Benjamin Adler
Searching for excitement
Tue Aug 6, 2013 17:44

Benjamin lay on his stomach dripping water onto the cold floor. He had went for a swim earlier and enjoyed splashing about for a while. Now though he was tired of that and looking for something more thilling to do. He had managed to get his hands on some gobstones however it was a tiresome game without much excitement. Why anyone would waste their days becoming an expert at it he would never know. In the past he had bothered people with his questions, desperate to know how playing gobstones was worthwhile. These days he had given up on that mystery for there were many more interesting ones out there.

Benjamin had been learning a lot since coming to school and found himself with more new questions than answers. For example he knew that Muggles could have children with magic although he still did not know how they managed it. He knew that classes were boring and learning magic was no more fun than arithmetic. He was not doing as well in class as he should be. As an Adler, a pureblood with considerable wealth, he knew to do well was not good enough. He must exceed expectations and become outstanding for this is what his Papa had told him before he had left home.

Benjamin was convinced he had been sorted incorrectly for surely he was too stupid to be a Draco. Charline disagreed and said he was perfectly capable if only he wasn’t so lazy. That’s when she had decided she was going to tutor him not only on his English but everything else as well. At the moment he was hiding from, confident that she would not descend into such a place of ‘horrors’. Sometimes he thought she was allergic of anything remotely fun.

He lined up each of the gobstones in front of him and carefully took aim. With a flick of his finger they took off tumbling into one another letting out squirts of liquid as they went. Finally, he watched eagerly as the gobstones rolled into the swimming pool with a quiet plonk.

Sliding forward he peered into the water to see if he could spot them lying at the bottom of the pool. Instead he was met with an entirely different sight. A swimmer had been disturbed by his game, embarrassed Benjamin could only smile down sheepishly at them.

    • And in the mean time ruined my solitudeBrendan Rowan, Fri Aug 9 21:40
      Despite the obvious fact that Brendan was a hardcore introvert, he did like to swim during the summer. That changed when he moved from Britain and to America because of his father's job. Summers in... more
      • And started a gobstone hunt!Paulo York, Sun Aug 11 12:54
        After sleeping, hide and seek, tug of war with his dogs, fetch, Quidditch, and chess, Gobstones was probably Paulo's favorite game. He'd forgotten to pack his amber set (a gift from his uncle Orson,... more
        • I think I'd rather have a water fight Benjamin , Sun Aug 11 19:52
          The boy seemed to come from nowhere. Although he had to be around the same age as him Benjamin didn’t think he’d seen the boy before. It was more likely that he simply hadn’t been paying enough... more
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