Brendan Rowan
And in the mean time ruined my solitude
Fri Aug 9, 2013 21:40

Despite the obvious fact that Brendan was a hardcore introvert, he did like to swim during the summer. That changed when he moved from Britain and to America because of his father's job. Summers in Britain weren't particularly fun by his definition, but he did enjoy swimming in cool water when it was hot: it almost beat being inside an air conditioned home, the only heat coming from the bottom of his mobile computer. Swimming was a sacrifice however because there was rarely a time when he could be by himself in the pool in America (it was a public one). Being half nude was a huge discomfort to him, feeling as though he was showing too much naked skin for his comfort; he went swimming early in the morning to fix this problem.

Brendan wasn't fond of having roommates (though he was happy to confirm none of them were neither crazed individuals nor psychopaths) and only knew one of them, Pablo, due to his social status. After careful adventuring with Aerin, he had discovered that RMI had its own indoor swimming pool, an air conditioned inside swimming pool: it was a dream come true! However he had to admit that he definitely had to be more stealthy since he would be in more contact with people. If he absolutely had to, he'd rather the person to be inside with him to be male, females and swimsuits were just gross.

So that particular morning he set an alarm for himself (he asked one of the house elves that Aerin had showed him) to wake him up very early in the morning (5:30). After quietly thanking the creature and slowly stepping out of bed, he made sure not to make a sound as he crept across the room, grabbed a change of clothes, and heading to the bathroom. Making sure he securely locked both doors, he then undressed quickly, making sure not to dwell in the shower to quickly in fear of one of his roommates waking up and attempting to open the door. He quickly scrubbed himself clean, especially his hair which had grown longer than usual. As he washed himself he thought to himself that he was glad he hadn't gone through the changes of puberty. Getting hair all over your body and your voice changing sounded horrible! However he would like to get a bit taller since he was only 4'7.

After a few more minutes he was squeaky clean and ready to get out. Slipping into a comfortable pair of swimming shorts (his knee cut green ones with the Squirtle Evolutionary Line), a pair of sandals and a light blue shirt along with his over sized sweater. He sneaked out of the room and Cetus Commons at 6, and by 6:05 was nearing the doors of the Rec Center. It was dimly lit and to his content not a person in sight. He decided he had about an hour before people started to come in so he quickly and uncomfortable took off his sweater and shirt and cannon balled into the water. It felt amazing! The water was at such a nice temperature and he was able to swim gracefully for a few moments until he felt a small object hit his head.

Curiously he poked his head out of the water only to see a boy staring back at him. He had missed one. He automatically walked back a bit, his hands around himself under the water. He knew that the boy was an Adler, but was not exactly sure what his name was.

"Uh..." was all the Cetus could say as blood rushed to his face at the sight of the mildly interesting boy staring back...without a shirt...wet. He didn't know what to do, put his head in the water and ignore him? Try to swim away and dash to the Cetus Commons? Why should he?! He had planned this very carefully. The other boy showed no signs of potential harm, but the good ones hardly ever do. He reminded himself that the other boy was his age and it was highly doubtful that he would be any sort of murderer.

"Hi," he said carefully and shy, pushing the hair out of his eyes.

  • Searching for excitement Benjamin Adler, Tue Aug 6 17:44
    Benjamin lay on his stomach dripping water onto the cold floor. He had went for a swim earlier and enjoyed splashing about for a while. Now though he was tired of that and looking for something more... more
    • And in the mean time ruined my solitude — Brendan Rowan, Fri Aug 9 21:40
      • And started a gobstone hunt!Paulo York, Sun Aug 11 12:54
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        • I think I'd rather have a water fight Benjamin , Sun Aug 11 19:52
          The boy seemed to come from nowhere. Although he had to be around the same age as him Benjamin didnít think heíd seen the boy before. It was more likely that he simply hadnít been paying enough... more
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