Paulo York
And started a gobstone hunt!
Sun Aug 11, 2013 12:54

After sleeping, hide and seek, tug of war with his dogs, fetch, Quidditch, and chess, Gobstones was probably Paulo's favorite game. He'd forgotten to pack his amber set (a gift from his uncle Orson, various species of insects petrified inside the marbles) and so far his letters to Yelena asking for her to send it had gone unanswered. He'd gone to the recreation center for a swim, but instead had spent the last twenty minutes perched on the edge of the pool, ankles dipped in the warm liquid, light splashes against his calves, chewing on his bottom lip, trying to work up the courage to ask Benjamin Adler for a game.

Although they were year-mates, and would one day be sort of, not really, but kind of related, Paulo found Benjamin's accent too harsh and too sharp, a knife slashed across his ears, cutting and grating, like running to fast, slipping on the ground, skidding on jagged rocks. After months with their grandfather in Berlin during the summer, Marcos would come back with the same accent, gleefully cursing in German, punching Paulo's shoulder as if they were friends, before kneeing him in the groin, laughing at how easily his baby brother fell for it. Paulo was mildly nervous Benjamin could turn out the same way... and yet the lure of gobstones was strong.

A creak of the door, and a sudden cannonball splash, louder than the small ripples Paulo was stirring with his feet, grabbed his attention, glancing over to see his roommate Brendan crashing into the pool. Paulo watched with some interest as the boy began to swim, glimpsing the ripple of muscles in the boy's back before his shadow slid through the water, farther away, towards where Benjamin was relaxed upon the opposite edge, his finger poised, pulling back and then flicking forward, marbles shooting off, landing with audible plops in the water and on Brendan's head.

A quick grin flashed across Paulo's face, sharpening the angles of his jaw and nose, amusement illuminating chocolate eyes, though it was rare for laughter to echo outside his silent throat. While Brendan surfaced from beneath the water, Paulo stood up, balanced precariously on the edge before he steadied, took a breath, arms rising above his head, tilted forward, and enjoyed the sensation of free falling.

His body cut through the water, small and lean, the dark shade of his caramel skin in stark contrast to the bright blue he was propelled through. One... two... three... strokes of his arms and he was pulling up just behind his roommate's feet, bubbles slipping past Paulo's barely parted lips, tickling his nose before rising towards the surface. Blinking through the water, undisturbed by the pressure against his irises, only the edges of his vision a little hazy and blurred, he reached forward and began gathering the sunken marbles.

A familiar burn in his chest, and Paulo cupped his hands together, enjoying the new weight balanced in his palms, he brought his knees up, found his footing on the underwater floor, steadied himself, and then kicked off, bursting to the surface, dark curls spilling into his eyes, lengthened on the back of his neck, a wild grin still plastered on his face.

"Hi," He greeted, cheerful but soft, shyness slipping away as easily as the droplets down his bare chest and back, blue trunks billowing around his thighs as he moved forward towards both of them, the water currents having carried back further than he'd realized. He brought his cupped palms towards the edge of the pool where Benjamin was, the marbles dribbling out, wondering if he'd earned himself an invitation.

  • And in the mean time ruined my solitudeBrendan Rowan, Fri Aug 9 21:40
    Despite the obvious fact that Brendan was a hardcore introvert, he did like to swim during the summer. That changed when he moved from Britain and to America because of his father's job. Summers in... more
    • And started a gobstone hunt! — Paulo York, Sun Aug 11 12:54
      • I think I'd rather have a water fight Benjamin , Sun Aug 11 19:52
        The boy seemed to come from nowhere. Although he had to be around the same age as him Benjamin didnít think heíd seen the boy before. It was more likely that he simply hadnít been paying enough... more
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