I think I'd rather have a water fight
Sun Aug 11, 2013 19:52

The boy seemed to come from nowhere.

Although he had to be around the same age as him Benjamin didn’t think he’d seen the boy before. It was more likely that he simply hadn’t been paying enough attention and the other student had slipped through his fingers unnoticed, until now. Only certain things were deemed interesting enough to excite him and obviously this quiet, rather shy, individual hadn’t met the criteria. That was alright really, it only made him a mystery and there was nothing Benjamin liked better than a puzzle to put together.

“Who are you?” he found himself asking, each word dangling in the air for seconds until the next eventually followed. It didn’t occur to him that it may come across as rude. After all repeating ‘hello’ and ‘how do you do’ became so tiresome and he hadn’t the patience for it. What he really wanted was an answer to his question because already he had so many more desperately needing to be asked. “My name is Benjamin Adler,” he added because everyone told him names were important and unless he let everyone know who he was he’d be pushed around all his life. He felt like people were already pushing and shoving him in all sorts of directions and he really didn’t need to be pulled at by anyone else.

There was a disturbance in the water so he moved his blue eyes from one boy to another, his interest in the first now being forgotten for he had always been easily distracted. This boy he knew.

This boy was Paulo York and Papa said Yorks were important, almost family, ever since the arrangement. Charline didn’t like to talk about the arrangement and it always made her cry. He didn't like seeing her cry so Benjamin wasn’t sure if he wanted to be nice to the Yorks even though Papa said he had to. Paulo didn’t seem bad, though. He seemed like he might be fun, a puzzle to unravel. Since it seemed to be the pattern he replied with a bright, “Hi.”

Then with one swipe of his left hand he swiped up the gobstones. “Tank you, I has been...playing vith dem,” suddenly remembering the stranger the Draco turned to face him, “I is being sorry for hullabaloo.” Hullabaloo was a new word for Benjamin and he rather liked it so jumped at the chance to enter it into conversation. He could only hope he had used it correctly.

He thought about telling them the new game he’d invented but decided against it. They might not appreciate his mistreatment of the gobstones. Setting them to one side he dangled his legs over the pool slipping his ankles under the water. Then with little hesitation he kicked hard splashing water in the direction of both boys a smile edging it’s way onto his face which quickly developed into a fit of laughter.

  • And started a gobstone hunt!Paulo York, Sun Aug 11 12:54
    After sleeping, hide and seek, tug of war with his dogs, fetch, Quidditch, and chess, Gobstones was probably Paulo's favorite game. He'd forgotten to pack his amber set (a gift from his uncle Orson,... more
    • I think I'd rather have a water fight — Benjamin , Sun Aug 11 19:52
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