Aviynne Bloom
Bored and Uninterested
Mon Sep 2, 2013 15:37

Aviynne wasnít exactly thrilled with life. She was completely bored with everything going on and RMI wasnít as interesting as she had hoped it would be. She was sick of dabbling with insignificant magic that she could have easily learned from her fatherís private tutors. Or even from some of his books if she ever cared to pick one up. But that was more Caydenís department. She was the nerdy one who read all the books she could.

Speaking of her sister, Aviynne had been avoiding Cayden. She didnít exactly want everyone to know they were siblings. Unfortunately, it was mostly unavoidable seeing as they were siblings and they did share the same last name as a result. Aviynne however had done nothing to indicate that she and Cayden were any type of friendly with each other. The younger Bloom child felt as though her sister were out of control. Her father would hear about this.

For the meantime however, when she wasnít in class, Aviynne spent most of her time lounging by the pool. She enjoyed the water, whether it was warm or cold. She also enjoyed watching the people who walked through, observing as they went about their miserable lives. She let her feet drift in the cool water, enjoying the weightless feel of her extremities as she people watched.

The different people who walked in and out intrigued her. She liked to watch them play the different things, wizard chess, gobstones, and especially pool. She didnít exactly understand the mechanics of the game, or its purpose but she found herself wanting to know more. She often saw the new transfer boy playing it, but didnít really care to ask about it. After all, it was beneath her to ask someone to teach her to play.

With a stretch of her arms, Aviynne leaned backwards, letting her blonde hair fall across her shoulders. She was quickly becoming bored with sitting by the poolside, the pastime was rather uninteresting. The eleven year old stifled a yawn and shifted so that her legs were further in the water. She blinked and looked up when a shadow fell across her person. She took in the figure that she couldnít quite see who it was.

ďCan I help you with something?Ē she said, slightly irritated at the interruption.

    • I bring cookies.Yelena York II, Wed Sep 4 16:41
      Lena slid just beneath the surface, water shimmering above her form, a haze of blue and blinding white threaded through loose dark curls and olive skin. Her body stripped across the water, as smooth... more
      • Cookies? Now I'm interested!Aviynne, Sun Oct 13 15:06
        The person owning the shadow that had fell across her person turned out to be the person she shared a room with, Yelena, if she remembered correctly. Aviynne felt a temporary feeling of guilt for... more
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