Yelena York II
I bring cookies.
Wed Sep 4, 2013 16:41

Lena slid just beneath the surface, water shimmering above her form, a haze of blue and blinding white threaded through loose dark curls and olive skin. Her body stripped across the water, as smooth a motion as scissors cutting into butter, measuring time only by counting laps, reaching one end of the pool, twisting around, pressing her feet against the wall, and launching off, repeating the process over and over again. Bubbles tickled her quirked lips, exhilaration illuminating her face, hidden by the waves of her own making, extended arms and bent legs accelerating alongside her rapid heartbeat and breath.

Although no one had expressly forbidden her from trying out for the house team, various aunts and elderly cousins often made a point of clicking their tongues and curling their lips in disapproval whenever Lena joined her brothers in a friendly match above the garden, helping to score goals against Nicco. They often drew her aside, the air drenched in rich perfume, pinching Lena’s cheeks while informing her that she had too many muscles, needed to gain weight, her hips were too skinny, not suitable for child rearing.

For the most part, Lena was content in simply attending class, learning and mastering spells she’d likely never use, settled in a corner of the library or in the Aquila common room with one of her many books, writing letters to various friends and family scattered throughout the world, living lives much more exciting than her own. Quidditch for seven years would have been a nice distraction, but when she weighed the consequences it simply wasn’t worth it, to incur the disappointment and potential wrath of her family.

They can’t take the water from me though. Lena burst through the waterfall, the pressure pounding against the curve of her back, diving beneath the surface once more, a fast crawl of her arms towards the shallow end of the pool, an increased power in her legs. Sometimes she brushed up against inflatable chairs or the bodies of other students, but in no time she reached the pool’s rim, inhaling sweet oxygen into the mild burn of her throat. The surface of her skin hummed with energy, flushed from the exercise. She would go crazy without movement, allowing herself only to be partially caged by the society she grew up in. There was always a piece allowed to fly free, be wild, even if sometimes limited to the extent of her own mind, or an hour in the water.

Grabbing a towel, she flipped her hair over her head and began drying off, bare feet padding across the cold tiles of the recreation center, splashing through her own trail of puddles until she reached the small circle of pool chairs she had arranged herself when she’d set up her own private camp. The first pool chair was slightly bent so that when she rested against it her body was propped up, surveying the small aquatic kingdom. There were two other pool chairs pressed up against one another at the base, covered up by towels for padding, and balanced upon them were trays of chocolate chip cookies, lemonade, stacks of books for pleasure, and soft, thin blankets to snuggle into once she’d dried.

Leviosa!” She flicked her wand, one hand still using the towel to dry her hair, the bundle of blankets springing up into the air, unfurling and stretching out until they surrounded Lena and the arranged chairs, completely hidden from the world. Dark curls damp but no longer dripping, she flung the towel up and let it hover above her head, acting as the makeshift tent’s ceiling. She could hear the splashes and laughter of surrounding students, but could only make out their shadowy forms whenever one passed by. Sometimes she constructed the tent so she could read in peace without being splashed, other times just so she didn’t have to leave the room to change out of her bathing suit, and other times just to recapture a moment of privacy. She shared a room at RMI, a common area, a dining hall, with hardly any space that could just be her own for a day. It was nice to feel like she could be completely alone sometimes, even if her privacy was protected only by the flimsy material of soft blankets and damp towels.

Lena crawled onto the chair free from any burdens, turning on her side and settling down with a cookie, chocolate staining her bottom lip. She tucked an arm beneath her head, one knee propped up while the other remained extended, chewing quietly on her cookie, her mind absent of any thoughts, her body simply breathing. This is nice… and a bit boring. Licking crumbs off her lip, a few escaping the swipe of her tongue, tumbling over her chin and landing on the wet fabric of her bathing suit, Lena leaned over and stretched out her hand, grabbing her wand and made a quick motion through the air - whoosh - and the towels abruptly fell.

“Aviynne,” Lena called out to her roommate, mingled accent laced through the uncertain syllables, slurred through to the best of her ability. “Aviynne!”

The girl didn’t seem to hear her, Lena’s voice drowned out by the surrounding room, boys throwing themselves into the water, producing cannonballs, underclassmen laughing uproariously as they went down the slide. Lena swung her legs off the pool chair and rose to stand, a moment of dizziness as she readjusted to gravity, her body greedy for the water once more. Lena brushed the dark hair out of her face, the strands curling around her ears, cascading down her shoulders, growing increasingly wild the dryer they became. She wasn’t very good at braids, usually finding another girl to do it for her, enjoying the feel of a tight French knot dominating her scalp.

“Can I help you with something?”

Her shadow fell across her roommate, Aviynne’s ankles dipped beneath the water, the younger Aquila glancing up at her with not exactly the most welcoming expression Lena had ever been graced with. Although they shared a room, and shared classes, they did not know each other very well. Lena tucked another curl behind her ear before she smiled in response to Aviynne’s slightly cross greeting, and decided to gently drop into position beside her, sitting cross legged on the edge of the pool. Balanced on her palms was the small plate of cookies she brought with her from across the room.

“No - nothing. I just wondered if you wanted to hang out.” Lena shifted her weight, angling her body so that she better faced her roommate, her teeth flashing white, a stark contrast to her sun drenched skin. “I bring cookies.”

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