Finn Dubois
Pool Day
Sun Sep 22, 2013 02:14


Forced abruptly into motion, the blue ball shot smoothly forwards and rebounded off the ledge in front of it. A large 2 flashed past as it rolled and she counted each flash impatiently. The Halfblood let out a huff of annoyance when the ball, bouncing off another side of the table, began to slow down drastically. It was still lined up with the pocket she'd been originally aiming for, but at this rate it didn't look like it was even going to reach halfway down the table.

"Oh, c'mon, don't give up now!"

Friction was working against her. Stupid friction. Well, it was actually "stupid Finn", seeing as she hadn't taken friction into account before shooting the cue ball, but same difference. Rolling her eyes, more at herself than anything else, Finn paced around to face the little white ball from a new angle and swung her cue stick up, cocking her elbow just so, the tips of her fingers lightly braced against the tabletop. Pool was such a finicky game by nature; too finicky, for someone like herself with nothing to prove. When she played a game, she preferred to play solely for fun, as a way to learn on the fly to see how good she happened to be. So her approach to pool usually revolved around... guesstimations, for lack of a better word.

With a casual glance down the line of the stick, she pushed it, white hitting blue, and watched the Number 2 ball land neatly in the pouch. "That wasn't so hard, now was it?" Guesses and estimations, that was really all you needed for pool - although Alys would probably impale her with her own cue stick if she ever heard her suggest such a thing. The younger girl was one of the Dubois' nearest neighbours and she was too competitive for her own good. Of course, she'd argue the opposite and point out that Finn wasn't nearly competitive enough, but Finn thought that just went to prove her own point. Alys was competitive at everything, whereas Finn knew where to put her energy. On the whole, treating life as a competition simply wasn't efficient. It was better to identify the areas where competition was absolutely necessary and then put your focus on those.

There were only a few balls left out now and Finn made her way through them steadily until the table had been cleared. Drawing her wand from where she'd tucked it in the belt loop of her shorts (it was too humid in the Rec Centre for her to even consider wearing her everyday jeans) she used a series of rapid levitation charms to move all of the balls back where she could easily access them. She'd already lost track of time since coming here and for all she knew, she was missing a class, or even a Quidditch practice. But while she was here anyways, she might as well have another round. Couldn't hurt, right? It wasn't as if she particularly cared about missing the occasional class. Humming to herself, the Quebecer leaned her cue stick against the side of the pool table and began setting up the balls back in their starting formation.

It took a moment for her to realize that she was not alone in this corner of the Centre. Once she noticed the other student, she straightened up, blue eyes openly sizing them up from behind square-framed glasses. "My dear, are you just going to stand there, or do you wanna play a round?" she finally questioned them, flipping the cue ball between her hands. The action was small, but she paid careful attention to it, well aware of the risk of fumbling it. For someone who made Chaser, she was very average in her handling of the Quaffle; it wouldn't have entirely surprised her if she accidentally dropped the cue ball, even though right now she was technically only passing it back and forth to herself. "I'm fine to keep going solo, but I promise I won't bite - much - if you felt like joining in."

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