Cookies? Now I'm interested!
Sun Oct 13, 2013 15:06

The person owning the shadow that had fell across her person turned out to be the person she shared a room with, Yelena, if she remembered correctly. Aviynne felt a temporary feeling of guilt for being cross with her, but the other girl seemed to brush it off. Light filtered back onto Aviynne as Yelena sat down beside her; the only indication that Aviynne’s attitude had upset her was the first stutter of words that left her mouth.

“No - nothing. I just wondered if you wanted to hang out. I bring cookies.”

Aviynne paused for just a moment, hesitation flowing through her. She was only hesitant because she didn’t know the girl very well, but she supposed that was the purpose of hanging out. She figured it couldn’t hurt and those cookies did look rather good. Before she knew it, Aviynne found herself nodding.

“Sure,” she said, smiling at her roommate. “Sounds fantastic.”

Aviynne let her feet drift along in the water, watching as it caused ripples to flow as her feet moved. For all she was a social butterfly, the girl didn’t exactly know how to interact with her roommate. It wasn’t something Aviynne was used to, not being able to interact with a person, but she took it in stride. She smiled at Yelena as she took a cookie and bit into the sweet. Gooey chocolate filled her senses and Aviynne closed her eyes in order to savor it.

“These are fantastic!” she said once she had cleared her mouth of the food. “Did you make these Yelena?”

OOC Note: Super sorry it took me so long to get back to you!

  • I bring cookies.Yelena York II, Wed Sep 4 16:41
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    • Cookies? Now I'm interested! — Aviynne, Sun Oct 13 15:06
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