Lyubov Kovalchuk
Campaigning by the Pool
Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:38

Humming cheerfully to herself, Lyubov flicked her wand around the table set up in the entrance of the Rec Centre. A stream of ribbons in the colours of all four Houses filtered through the air in response, curling around the legs of the table, draping over the edges, drifting up to create a wide, arching banner overtop. Centered in the exact middle of the banner, the blonde witch neatly wrote out her name in crisp black lettering with the tip of her wand.

Lyubov for President!

There was a wide assortment of clubs and activities offered at RMI, but the only one that she had ever taken a particular interest in was the Student Government Association. Its appeal to her wasn't exactly surprising. Her father Yuri was the Head of the Ukrainian Bureau for Magical Affairs, and as her own formal name suggested, Lyubov Yurivna was set to take over his position after her graduation this year. She had been looking forward to the opportunity for a long time. The seventeen-year-old wasn't sure if it was an inherent trait or simply a by-product of her birth, but politics was an area that she was keenly interested in.

So far, she had been elected as Representative for her year for three consecutive terms, a fact that left her feeling fairly confident that her yearmates would continue to support her in this election. But the tricky thing about running for President was that voting wasn't limited to your own yeargroup; she had to win the majority of votes from the entire school. Lyubov had been volunteering as a firstie orientation mentor since her fourth year, which meant that there were a handful of students from other yeargroups who would at least be able to recognize her name on the ballot sheet, but that still left a fair amount of the student population to win over. And if her studies at home had taught her anything, the best way to win over voters was through campaigning - and if her observations at RMI were anything to go by, the best way to win over student voters was through food.

She had been planning her campaign since being re-elected as Sixth Year Rep last term, so she was well prepared to start campaigning over the weekend immediately following SGA sign-ups. It had been an easy decision to set up her campaign table in the entrance to the Rec Centre; a lot of the students were bound to pop in here at some point over the course of the weekend and it seemed like the best place to start in order to attract their attention. Along with the colourful banners and wide ribbons looping around the table, she had drawn up little pamphlets about herself and her goals in the school, and had also set out plates with neatly sliced squares of yabluchnyk, a glazed apple cake, and miniature kolachi, which were braided rolls of sweetbread.

Since RMI was an international school, she had decided that that would be the angle she approached her campaign from. An international Student President for an international school; it seemed fitting to her, and hopefully the ethnic treats would help convince passing students to agree. 'A bit of bribery never hurts...' especially when said bribery was edible, she reflected with a chuckle.

Tucking her wand away into the slit pocket along the side of her red-and-white dress, she reached behind the table to pull out a basket of buttons. Being a perfectionist at heart, she had spent careful hours charming the buttons, and she could honestly say that she was very pleased with the result. They were about the circumference of a Galleon and shaped to look similar to the criss-crossing school dreamcatchers, with her Cyrillic name Любов on the front and the standard Lyubov for President! following the curve of the bottom.

"Good morning, dobryy̆ den!" She called out the greeting to a passing student, giving them a friendly smile, brushing a loose golden curl back from her face before taking a button out of her basket and holding it out to the student in offering. "Have you heard about the Student Government Elections? I'm running for President, and if you're interested I would love to chat with you a bit about the school."

For the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon, and continuing on for the rest of the weekend, Lyubov would continue this pattern in the Rec Centre, talking and smiling, handing out treats and buttons to old friends and new acquaintences alike. Running for President meant being able to accurately represent the population, after all, and the best way to do that was by getting to know them. Hopefully, the next time she ran a booth to get their attention and opinions, it would be as their Student President instead of just another candidate.

OOC: On behalf of Lyubov, I want to thank you for checking out this post and her booth! If you're interested in replying, you're welcome to directly address her greeting mentioned in this post or just post your character showing up at any point. She'll be here all day, waiting and ready to talk... or to just share some yummy food. ^^

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