Aerin Griffiths
Follow my lead
Mon Nov 18, 2013 20:59

The typical lack of grace in Aerin’s footsteps made her entrance to the Rec Center echoey and loud. It was a late Saturday morning, and after a few hours of being bored in the Cetus common room followed by a few hours eating a hearty brunch, she was ready to do something with her day. Unfortunately, it appeared that not many people had woken up as early as she had and so were still in the process of getting dressed and finding food. Aerin walked around the edge of the pool, sighing in exasperation. She’d considered going up to Pearl Street to run a few errands, but it had felt like a crime to actually attempt to accomplish anything useful on a Saturday. Besides, it was close enough to the start of term that hanging out in the Rec Center was still fresh and exciting. A few weeks from now Aerin was sure she’d be heading above ground to get a break from the campus.

The Cetus paused to glance at the door and listen for approaching footsteps, but all she heard was the quiet lapping of water from the pool. Sighing once more, Aerin was about to move forward when she thought she heard a tiny squeak coming from a nearby shelf upon which sat a Wizard’s Chess set. Perfect! Within seconds Aerin had found a table, opened the box, and started arranging the pieces. When a knight poked her for the fifth time she decided that she’d let the pieces sort their positions out themselves. What did it matter that she’d only played chess about five times in her life? That’s why Wizard’s Chess was so awesome – the pieces would help her out. Once it appeared that everyone was in order, Aerin cleared her throat and said, “White knight to G3” as authoritatively as possible. The knight refused. “Erm. White knight to G4? F2? H4?” At this point pieces on both sides of the board began muttering to each other suspiciously.

“White knight to F3!” Came a tiny squeak from the White Queen.

Relieved, Aerin said “Yes, yes, off you go!” and watched proudly as the knight squeezed between the pawns to take his place. This was going swimmingly. With enough practice she would be able to destroy Matt next time they played. It was as Aerin was about to take command of the black that someone finally entered the room. Spinning around, Aerin said, “Hey! Over here! I need your help!” At her plea for a partner all the chess pieces began squeaking furiously and wriggling around the board. “Want to play me in chess?”

    • Is that a good idea?Darcie Thomson, Sun Nov 24 21:29
      Darcie yawned as she waddled towards her destination. She had just woken up from sleeping in on a Saturday morning and she was feeling like doing something besides lounging around all day. She spent... more
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