Darcie Thomson
Is that a good idea?
Sun Nov 24, 2013 21:29

Darcie yawned as she waddled towards her destination. She had just woken up from sleeping in on a Saturday morning and she was feeling like doing something besides lounging around all day. She spent most of her free time goofing off wherever she cared too. The young girl wasnít really interested in any of the clubs that Rocky Mountain had to offer except for something called HEI. She had heard about a meeting that had gone on in the previous term, but she had missed it. She had been disappointed, but had been determined to find out more about it at some point.

The Lyra was headed towards the Rec Center, hoping that someone would be about. She wanted to hang out with a person, instead of books and action figures. She thought maybe they could swim or play pool, if there was anyone in the vicinity anyway. Darcie needed to do something productive and hadnít really found anything to do. She practically bounced into the area, but her face fell when she didnít see anyone. It looked like it was going to be another boring day for the twelve year old.

She was about to walk out of the place to go bother someone else when a voice called out to her. She turned around and spotted an older girl sitting at a table with chess pieces that seemed to be wriggling. The girl asked if she would play her in the game, and Darcie hesitated. She didnít exactly know the mechanics of the game but she certainly would try. The small girl stepped up to the table and flopped into the chair.

ďSure,Ē she said with a small wave of her hand. ďI donít exactly know how to play but I think I can figure it out.Ē

  • Follow my leadAerin Griffiths, Mon Nov 18 20:59
    The typical lack of grace in Aerinís footsteps made her entrance to the Rec Center echoey and loud. It was a late Saturday morning, and after a few hours of being bored in the Cetus common room... more
    • Is that a good idea? — Darcie Thomson, Sun Nov 24 21:29
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