Patience Anders
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Mon Nov 25, 2013 03:57

Yesterday, Patience had turned sixteen. In the Muggle world this was a big deal, it was when people learned to drive. Of course, being a girl who totally embraced her magic and figured Apparating had far more advantages, both in terms of quickness and finances-her family wasn't exactly swimming in cash-she'd decided to forgo learning to drive. She couldn't afford a car, didn't want to pay for insurance or gas and didn't want to worry about finding parking places or traffic if she ever drove in a bigger city.

And how could the Draco have a sweet sixteen party at school? Who did she have besides her sister and Chord and Olivia? And Olivia was more her sister's friend. There was Aoife she supposed and she could invite her other roommate. Though it might be awkward for Chord being the only guy.

Seventeen was a bigger birthday in the magical world. She'd be an adult and could drink since wizards were less uptight about such things than Muggles. Score another point for the magical world-and Marshall, of course, was totally looking forward to taking her out for it.

It had still been a nice birthday. Strawberry had made her way to Pearl Street and bought Patience a Governor figurine from The Walking Dead,which the Draco had totally appreciated. If nothing else, her family knew her tastes and she loved them for it. Ben had sent her the next two graphic novels she needed and and her parents had gotten her a Rick Grimes blanket as well as a Walking Dead card game. There had been a total theme going on there. Patience would have loved some American Horror Story stuff as well, but there was so much less of it than there was for The Walking Dead.

She'd been hanging out in the Rec Center for some time now, going for a swim. Well, mostly she'd been playing on the water slides. She enjoyed them but RMI was like, the only place she ever got to use them. Honestly after the library , the Rec Center had to be her favorite place here, though she did spend quite bit of time on Pearl Street.

However, now she was tired of swimming and rather cold. She had just opened up the door when she banged into her roommate Finn who ended up sprawled on the ground. "I'm fine." Patience replied. "Are you?" She held out her hand to help the redhead up.

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    • Need some help? — Patience Anders, Mon Nov 25 03:57
      • She gave a relieved sort of nod when her roommate responded that she was fine. Er, well, her new roommate... One of them, specifically. After rooming with only Cassandra last term, well, she'd fairly ... more
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          • Sometimes I can be nice.Finn, Sun Dec 22 16:36
            "Oh, don't even get me started," she bemoaned - albiet quite sarcastically, as they were clearly well started off on this topic already. Finn wasn't usually much of a complainer, having pieced... more
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