I wouldn't want to get you caught up in it as well.
Tue Nov 26, 2013 21:12

She gave a relieved sort of nod when her roommate responded that she was fine. Er, well, her new roommate... One of them, specifically. After rooming with only Cassandra last term, well, she'd fairly quickly gotten used to being able to claim an entire bunk and half the room for herself, and it didn't hurt that Cassandra had been totally stunning, practically radiating those golden Veela vibes. Not that the Halfblood was actively searching for a girlfriend or anything, of course, she hadn't been on a proper date in ages and didn't really feel the need to at this point in her life... 'But a few glances never hurt anyone, t'sais?' she reminded the questioning voice in her head. Anyways, having to share with not one but two girls this time around felt a bit weird, but Patience and Olivia had both come across as being nice enough, and here at a couple weeks in Finn already felt herself settling into the new routine.

"Oui, I'm fine. But, ugh, I'm sorry. I promise I'll try not to go running around this area in such a hurry next time. Wouldn't want to risk squishing one of the firsties." Blue eyes blinked at the offered hand for a moment before turning up to Patience. "Uhmm, thanks, but I think I'm gonna have to figure a way up myself. I'm a bit... stuck at the moment." Finn nodded her head towards the floor where her hands were resting. She had managed to catch herself on the tumble down, which was a good thing. There was really nothing worse than falling and breaking her glasses, and sure, she could just charm them back to normal, but that couldn't make up for the fact that she'd broken them in the first place. Regardless of glasses, however, the definite less good thing about this situation was the fact that her hands were still covered in Daphne's enchanted gauzey goop.

Tentatively, she tugged at her hands. "Literally stuck." It felt like dipping your finger in warm maple syrup from the candy stands at Carnaval du Québec and pulling away just a moment too late, unable to tell whether it was just the syrup stretching as it clung on tightly or if it was stretching your own skin farther out as well. After some concentrated force, she managed to free her palm and from there it was easy, a sequence of quiet snaps as each finger relinquished its grip on the floor. "Totally ridiculous long-story-short, I got a prank birthday card, and le petit fille avec parfait-sang, the chick who sends them, she likes to rig it so they're hard to remove magically. Usually some physical action involved, humiliation scheme, you know - which doesn't exactly work," she pointed out with a smirk, studying her newly-freed right hand and moving onto the left, "these jokes are too stupid to be humiliating - but that doesn't make them any less annoying."

  • Need some help?Patience Anders, Mon Nov 25 03:57
    Yesterday, Patience had turned sixteen. In the Muggle world this was a big deal, it was when people learned to drive. Of course, being a girl who totally embraced her magic and figured Apparating had ... more
    • I wouldn't want to get you caught up in it as well. — Finn, Tue Nov 26 21:12
      • That's nice of you.Patience, Thu Dec 19 22:45
        So far her year had so far gone amazing . Not that Patience expected it to last,but *Celery*head was gone and she'd had a really good birthday full of Walking Dead memorabilia. However, she looked at ... more
        • Sometimes I can be nice.Finn, Sun Dec 22 16:36
          "Oh, don't even get me started," she bemoaned - albiet quite sarcastically, as they were clearly well started off on this topic already. Finn wasn't usually much of a complainer, having pieced... more
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