I could use some company
Thu Dec 12, 2013 17:45

At the sound of someone interrupting his solitude, Zakir sneered, preparing to tell the interloper to leave him alone. His cold eyes warmed and the look faded into something close to welcome when he registered who it was. There weren’t many people Zakir wanted to spend his free time with, but somehow Riley made that short list. In truth, he wished the other Lyra would be around a little more. Once he’d opened up to the other boy, Zakir found that he liked to talk about his feelings with someone who understood. Even though Riley was gone almost all the time now, Zakir still found himself spending time in the other boy’s room. Sometimes it was just to get away from the outside world, and others it was to ogle the poster which sparked their original friendship.

Riley pulled off his t-shirt and a flood of heat burned Zakir’s cheeks when his eyes betrayed him to steal a look. This was one of the major reasons he didn’t go to the pool when there were more people around. He still felt that there was something inherently indecent about how the students wandered around with so few clothes on at the pool. That, and he couldn’t help but look.

“Sleep? Oh, I slept for a few hours,” he replied, forcing himself to ignore Riley’s exposed chest. “It was acceptable.” Sleep had always been difficult for the Lyra, but he was able to get enough to function. He still had nightmares about his father, and more rarely of his mother, but they were no longer the night terrors that made him dread sleep the way he once did. “How have you been? I haven’t seen you around much.” Honest curiosity flavored the words while Zakir kept his grip on the edge of the pool. He’d wandered into the deep end and felt a bit of a thrill with the fact that he could not touch the bottom.

  • Barging in. Riley Finn, Wed Dec 11 15:13
    Riley Finn had a full schedule and he knew it. Monday through Friday the sixteen year old was up at the ungodly hour of four am, even though his first class wasn’t until nine am. After a quick shower ... more
    • I could use some company — Zakir, Thu Dec 12 17:45
      • Well so could I! Riley , Fri Dec 13 01:03
        When Riley had pulled off his shirt, he could’ve sworn he saw Zakir blush a bit. Riley, smiled a bit cockily. He knew he was good looking, and he didn’t mind Zakir admiring him. The fact was Riley... more
        • I’m…gladZakir, Fri Dec 13 19:57
          Zakir frowned when Riley informed him that acceptable was not a good night sleep. He’d almost gotten five hours, and three of those were consecutive. For the Lyra, that was a pretty good night’s... more
          • Me to!Riley, Sat Dec 14 19:09
            Riley saw Zakir frown at his comment about sleep but Riley let the conversation drop, after all Zakir and him were friends but Zakir still seemed like a skittish hamster sometimes. Riley dipped his... more
            • *Offers a small smile*Zakir, Sat Dec 14 19:46
              I’m here, Zakir thought, but he didn’t say it out loud. True, they did have an odd little friendship of sorts, but it was hardly strong enough to hold the younger teen back for a full year when he... more
              • *Grins*Riley, Sat Dec 14 21:04
                Riley smiled again when Zakir said living in New York City sounded exciting. He nodded when the other boy said he would be seek a Master to apprentice under. It made since the few times the two boys... more
                • So...Zakir, Mon Dec 16 21:46
                  Zakir didn’t ask after the identity of Riley’s previous boyfriend. He understood the desire to remain hidden, and the fear that accompanied the truth. Telling one’s family that they were different... more
                  • ...Uh oh!Riley, Tue Dec 17 14:39
                    Riley, would’ve told Zakir all about Sebastian Edwards if the boy had asked, and he wouldn’t have felt bad at all. He had wanted to out Sebastian since they had broken up, even if it was just to... more
                    • ...Zakir, Sat Dec 21 21:26
                      Zakir stiffened in surprise when Riley’s arms captured him in an embrace. For a long moment, he remained ridged, unsure if he wanted to pull away or accept the unexpected contact. If you want more... more
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