Christopher Wrey
Then I suppose I'll be Merlin!
Fri Dec 13, 2013 16:45

Christopher, unlike his little sister, was becoming tiresome of balls. Oliver was a keen man who loved to socialise and show off his new male heir to the rest of his pureblooded friends. Though Linden would prance around the ballroom all night, Chris found himself shifting closer to the door as the hours crawled by, before Oliver discovered him and threw him back into the party after hissing to him to be polite and proud. But Oliver knew best and was obviously just trying present his new son. Chris felt guilty for being so antisocial. When news came of a Halloween ball, the initial fiery excitement was put out by Christopher's own pride. What would Oliver say if he saw his heir dressing up? Dressing up was for little children, not the future owner of the powerful and intimidating Damon estate and fortune. He ought to up hold his family name, not disgrace it by pretending to be Dracula.

Never, Oliver would disapprove. Instead, Chris found himself dressed in a respectable (not to mention expensive) black suit that managed to help his slim figure. The boy proceeded to make his way to the Rec Centre, weaving out of the naive couples dressed like monsters. He hoped Pamela wasn't here, she'd probably only get scared and would stick out like a sore thumb. Chris couldn't remember the last time he'd seen his elder sister without dressing like an obese man. It was rather disgusting, but Chris a usual pang of guilt for thinking ill of his sister. She had practically raised him, though those times had changed. Both of them had changed.

Letting the parties of people flood past him, Chris escaped to the edge of the dance floor, his mind on only the stupidity of the entire event. It was then he found to addressed by Alannah Pendergast. Chris had always found a way to admire her from afar in the common room, trying his best to act casual. Chris didn't think she had spotted him, but she a Lyra. An actress. It was until that moment, he found how beautiful she was indeed. In a black dress and red cape, she looked very pretty and it took a few seconds for Chris' brain to decide to function again. It was lucky he was tall for his age, as she seemed to be wearing heels.

"This is great right?" She managed to call over the music. Christopher nodded despite himself.

"I, um yes, suppose it is, though after all of my fathers balls, it can get a bit boring. Although the guests look quite different." Christopher gestured to the oddly dressed dancers.

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    • Then I suppose I'll be Merlin! — Christopher Wrey, Fri Dec 13 16:45
      • Bitter enemies will shall be then! Alannah, Sat Dec 14 21:18
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        • I'd much rather be your friend.Chrs, Mon Dec 16 15:14
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          • Just friends?Alannah Pendergast, Tue Dec 17 17:48
            Alannah saw Christopher holding his hands behind his back and she thought about how remarkably he looked like a younger Patrick Pendergast. Papa often would hold himself like that when he was... more
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