*Offers a small smile*
Sat Dec 14, 2013 19:46

I’m here, Zakir thought, but he didn’t say it out loud. True, they did have an odd little friendship of sorts, but it was hardly strong enough to hold the younger teen back for a full year when he had a chance to spend that year with his best friend.

“That sounds exciting.” Living in New York City sounded terrifying to the Pureblood, but Riley appeared to be excited by the prospect. “I doubt I will go to school for my Mastery. Instead I will begin seeking a Master this year to apprentice under. Potions is better taught one on one instead of in a group format when you get past a certain level.” That, and Zakir was already far above his peers in that area. Going to college would mostly be a waste of his time. He would learn best from a fellow expert. Growing up, he’d always known he would learn under his father, but that was no longer an option. So now he would have to find someone else to fill the role unless the Yorks wished him to pursue some other area.

Zakir let go of the wall with one hand while keeping a death grip with the other so he could face Riley better. It always gave him a slight zing of fear to hold on with only one hand. Years dealing with his friend had given him a taste for that hint of fear even if he didn’t like the full dose of terror that Niccolò’s adventures often inspired. “So, you won’t be leaving anyone behind?” Zakir asked. He knew that Riley was gay and wondered if the other boy had a partner. Would it be someone out in the open like Riley was? He wondered what it would be like to be able to hold hands walking down Pearl Street with the person he loved and not worrying about the consequences.

  • Me to!Riley, Sat Dec 14 19:09
    Riley saw Zakir frown at his comment about sleep but Riley let the conversation drop, after all Zakir and him were friends but Zakir still seemed like a skittish hamster sometimes. Riley dipped his... more
    • *Offers a small smile* — Zakir, Sat Dec 14 19:46
      • *Grins*Riley, Sat Dec 14 21:04
        Riley smiled again when Zakir said living in New York City sounded exciting. He nodded when the other boy said he would be seek a Master to apprentice under. It made since the few times the two boys... more
        • So...Zakir, Mon Dec 16 21:46
          Zakir didn’t ask after the identity of Riley’s previous boyfriend. He understood the desire to remain hidden, and the fear that accompanied the truth. Telling one’s family that they were different... more
          • ...Uh oh!Riley, Tue Dec 17 14:39
            Riley, would’ve told Zakir all about Sebastian Edwards if the boy had asked, and he wouldn’t have felt bad at all. He had wanted to out Sebastian since they had broken up, even if it was just to... more
            • ...Zakir, Sat Dec 21 21:26
              Zakir stiffened in surprise when Riley’s arms captured him in an embrace. For a long moment, he remained ridged, unsure if he wanted to pull away or accept the unexpected contact. If you want more... more
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