Bitter enemies will shall be then!
Sat Dec 14, 2013 21:18

Alannah smiled, it seemed like magic, or fate that the person who she had been thinking of was the one she had spoken to. She smirked a bit, as Christopher nodded at her question. He didnít seem to have on any sort of costume, unless the black suit was one. After all her costume couldíve just been a winter ball costume. Of course, Morgana was just a Witch like her, but she was the Best Witch ever. Even if she was known to dabble in the Dark Arts.

She bit her lip and smiled at him as he spoke. "I, um yes, suppose it is, though after all of my fathers balls, it can get a bit boring. Although the guests look quite different." The Red haired girl smiled when he mentioned all his fatherís balls.

ďMy familyís balls are the biggest and best in all of Ireland, though the never invite the Mad Inferi to play.Ē She said with a frown. Of course, they were a younger personís band. At Papaís balls it was all older people, and the children usually were present for the first dance, then they were shuttled into the a smaller room where they could socialize under the watchful eyes of the numerous Nannies around.

The red head tapped her foot, she hopped the other Lyra would ask her to dance, after all it wasnít proper for a young lady, even one dressed as Morgana to be the asker.

  • Then I suppose I'll be Merlin!Christopher Wrey, Fri Dec 13 16:45
    Christopher, unlike his little sister, was becoming tiresome of balls. Oliver was a keen man who loved to socialise and show off his new male heir to the rest of his pureblooded friends. Though... more
    • Bitter enemies will shall be then! — Alannah, Sat Dec 14 21:18
      • I'd much rather be your friend.Chrs, Mon Dec 16 15:14
        Chris held his hands behind his back, as he had seen Oliver do many times. His step-father prided himself in his heritage and the image he was upholding. Oliver was very successful, so surely to be... more
        • Just friends?Alannah Pendergast, Tue Dec 17 17:48
          Alannah saw Christopher holding his hands behind his back and she thought about how remarkably he looked like a younger Patrick Pendergast. Papa often would hold himself like that when he was... more
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