Jesse Ramos
Sat Dec 14, 2013 22:21

Though the Ramos’ were a Cuban Wizarding family, it didn’t mean they weren’t religious. That was the farthest thing from the truth they were practitioners of Santeria. Most of the old Cuban Purebloods were and most families had more than one or two Santeros,( their priests) in their families. Jesse’s mother, Neves was a Santera and the Head of all the Priestess in the Ramos family. Jesse knew they Neves and Santino both hoped that Jesse would one day become a Santero. Yet, the third year was years away that, thankfully.

Though, there was one thing that Jesse missed here at RMI. Through out the year during the Feast Days of the Saints were celebrated in festivals called Bembés. There was always music, dancing, drinking (though Jesse was still too young) and the Witches (some really magical and some Muggles) were always peddling their crafts. Spells, potions, dolls, tarot cards, crystal balls, seashells, anything they could do to get some coins pressed in their hands.

Jesse’s personal Orisha was Chango God of fire, lightning and thunder whose feast day was December fourth, meaning Jesse always missed his Bembe. So Jesse decided to celebrate Chango’s Bembe on Halloween this year. So he shed his shirt, and wore a pair of white harem pants. To cover his chest he wore a red vest, the colors were Chango’s. On his tan chest in white paint he had nicked from the theater he drew two axes, with stars surrounding them, this was one of Chango’s many symbols. To complete his outfit he placed a crown on his head. He slipped his feet into a pair of sandals and set off to the Rec Center.

He had been in the Rec Center for a bit, scouting out girls when he saw someone light something on fire. It was interesting to watch, he must’ve drifted over a bit because soon the boy, who was dressed in outfit that was odd, but festive was crouching in front of him. ““I'm a fire spirit!” the Other boy announced.

Jesse laughed and nodded. “While I’m a Fire God without any fire!” He replied. “That was really cool, how’d you do it?”

  • I am the God of Hell Fire, and I bring you....Starr Colindale, Fri Dec 13 16:47
    Starr was excited for the party. It would probably be different to what he was used to but you had to work pretty hard to suck all the fun out of one, so he was optimistic. He wouldn't put it past de ... more
    • .....Fire? — Jesse Ramos, Sat Dec 14 22:21
      • How did you guess?Starr Colindale, Mon Dec 16 18:04
        “Then I am but your humble servant, I suppose,” Starr grinned, as the other guy announced himself to be a fire god. “Any particular one?” he queried, eyes raking up and down the boy's costume. He... more
        • There were a couple of clues.Jesse, Tue Dec 17 14:58
          The other boy, said he was his humble servant and Jesse laughed. He nodded when the boy asked if he was a particular one. “Chango, he’s an Orisha, from Santeria.” he explained, he wondered if there... more
          • We must be on the same wavelengthStarr, Tue Dec 24 13:09
            Santeria... Santeria... Starr wracked his brains. The word didn't sound entirely unfamiliar as he rolled it around his mind but that wasn't saying much, as his life propelled him around the country,... more
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