Ika Blackburn
Let me shed some light
Sun Dec 15, 2013 03:09

Now that they were definitely doing Into the Woods, all of Ika’s free sewing time and abilities would go into costuming the show. But she didn’t have everyone’s measurements yet, and she still had the key to the costume room, so Ika had spent some time backstage while the auditions were going on (and a little time when she should’ve been working on her Potions essay—but really, Professor Gallico probably wouldn’t read all five pages) putting her Halloween costume together.

She’d made a white gown that was sort of like a stola, tied with a red sash just below the bust. Ika had done her research, and while she thought about being historically accurate (stolas were usually bright colors) she wanted people to figure out the costume, and most people thought Greek and Roman clothing were white. Ika also had a little circlet that looked like braided barley, with a few poppies woven in. Demeter (or Ceres, the Roman counterpart) wasn’t the most well-known of the Olympian goddesses, but she thought a few people would get it. Ika had suggested that Trent go as any god or hero from mythology—she wasn’t picky about which one, really, and it was easy to make a toga out of sheets—but she hadn’t thought they needed to really do a couples’ costume.

Ika was just excited about going to the dance, especially because Professor de Villiers was in charge of it. The new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor seemed like he’d do a really good job of making the Rec Center spooky.

Losing the SGA election had sort of surprised her. Not that there was anything wrong with Tae Hee, but Ika had considered herself a bit more personable than the transfer. Of course, Ika hadn’t wanted the position very badly—being on the student council just seemed like a fun thing to do. If Tae Hee was that interested in SGA, he was welcome to it. Ika was happy to just attend the events.

With all the eerie glows and creepy paintings, the Rec Center certainly looked spooky. Ika had assumed they’d just cover the pool, but making it part of the decorations was a great touch—and it gave them more floor space, which helped. Since she’d never heard of tonight’s musical guests, Ika assumed it was a wizarding band. It was exciting to have a live band for their dance, even Ika wouldn’t know any of their songs.

The room unsettled her when she walked in—and it had nothing to do with the skeletons in the pool. Her stola wasn’t especially warm (she’d assumed it’d get hot with most of the students in the Rec Center, so she wasn’t wearing a palla or a slip), but a chill had settled over her like the fog enveloping the room. It faded as she approached the table of refreshments, but when she was walking away with a glass of punch and a cupcake, she spotted what looked like a dementor hovering somewhere at the back of the room.

Her eyebrows shot up in surprise before she reminded herself that this was, after all, a costume contest. The cold, uneasy feeling came back when she approached. “How did you do that?” Ika asked, craning her neck up at what she presumed was another student. “It’s really cool.”

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    Zakir was not by nature a social creature. That fact made his decision to go to the Halloween party unusual. Every party he’d gone to prior to this one involved force to some degree. Usually, Niccolò ... more
    • Let me shed some light — Ika Blackburn, Sun Dec 15 03:09
      • I’m meltingZakir, Mon Dec 16 22:01
        The dance was in full swing, and to Zakir’s quiet delight no one was willing to approach him. A few students who got too close to his bubble of darkness quickly decided to find a different place to... more
        • I’m not in Kansas anymoreIka, Sun Dec 29 13:40
          “Spooky,” Ika replied, grinning widely up at her friend. Ika wasn’t sure whether or not Zakir considered them friends—he was so reserved and most of the time he seemed bored or annoyed and the nicest ... more
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            Zakir considered her offer. During his first three years, he’d helped out with sets behind the scenes. That stopped after the whole disaster with his father, but now that she’d brought it up, he felt ... more
            • Then I need a new mapIka, Fri Jan 3 03:14
              “That would be great!” They needed all kinds of special effects for the show, and having more upperclassmen on board would really help. Maybe she could even convince him to man the booth with her… he ... more
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