I'd much rather be your friend.
Mon Dec 16, 2013 15:14

Chris held his hands behind his back, as he had seen Oliver do many times. His step-father prided himself in his heritage and the image he was upholding. Oliver was very successful, so surely to be successful was to be actually like him? It seemed logical enough. Listening to Alannah, Christopher let his eyes explore the decorated room. The room was full of different lights and odd costumes, with the waves of fog lolling on the ground. The music was noisy and unpleasant compared to the classic and timeless sound of Oliver's orchestra he had play so many times. People seemed to want to dance to it as well, which was beyond Chris' understanding. This rock band certainly wasn't graceful, or elegant, or in any way enjoyable, but Alannah seemed to be quite pleased, so Chris did not question to far into it.

Did she want him to ask her to dance? Chris did not know. It was an internal struggle, debating the pros and cons of Alannah's possible answers. It was not a description lightly made. She was tapping her foot, what did that mean?! Was she just enjoying the music, or did she want to dance? Why were women so complicated?! Feeling as though he was practically taking his life in his hands, Chris turned sharply to Alannah.

"Alannah," He addressed her with a short nod, as he had seen Oliver do before dancing with his mother ""

  • Bitter enemies will shall be then! Alannah, Sat Dec 14 21:18
    Alannah smiled, it seemed like magic, or fate that the person who she had been thinking of was the one she had spoken to. She smirked a bit, as Christopher nodded at her question. He didnít seem to... more
    • I'd much rather be your friend. — Chrs, Mon Dec 16 15:14
      • Just friends?Alannah Pendergast, Tue Dec 17 17:48
        Alannah saw Christopher holding his hands behind his back and she thought about how remarkably he looked like a younger Patrick Pendergast. Papa often would hold himself like that when he was... more
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