Starr Colindale
How did you guess?
Mon Dec 16, 2013 18:04

“Then I am but your humble servant, I suppose,” Starr grinned, as the other guy announced himself to be a fire god. “Any particular one?” he queried, eyes raking up and down the boy's costume. He guessed the axes were some kind of relevant iconography but he couldn't place it. One came across so many different belief systems, some mish-mashed together from several disparate areas, that it was hard to keep track.

“It's a cool costume,” he complimented the other guy. Sure, it was sort of minimalist but Starr dug the symbolic paintwork and it just generally had a positive vibe. He was fairly sure that people didn't dress as obscure gods if they weren't at least a little bit spiritual, so this guy had to at least be kind of aware of the Other Side, otherwise he would most likely have been like... a skeleton, or just brought a bloodied prop weapon. This was different, and therefore cool.

“Oh, this?” he queried, jiggling the strings. “They're poi. You wave your arms in different patterns and aim not to hit them together or smack yourself,” he explained, subconsciously beginning to swing one of them on a shortened string as he spoke.

“You can have a go if you want. Though I recommend not setting them alight to begin with and be aware that you'll probably hit yourself in the nads a few times in the learning process. If you just take one, I can show you how to start off, and you're less likely to get tangled,” he offered.

  • .....Fire?Jesse Ramos, Sat Dec 14 22:21
    Though the Ramos’ were a Cuban Wizarding family, it didn’t mean they weren’t religious. That was the farthest thing from the truth they were practitioners of Santeria. Most of the old Cuban... more
    • How did you guess? — Starr Colindale, Mon Dec 16 18:04
      • There were a couple of clues.Jesse, Tue Dec 17 14:58
        The other boy, said he was his humble servant and Jesse laughed. He nodded when the boy asked if he was a particular one. “Chango, he’s an Orisha, from Santeria.” he explained, he wondered if there... more
        • We must be on the same wavelengthStarr, Tue Dec 24 13:09
          Santeria... Santeria... Starr wracked his brains. The word didn't sound entirely unfamiliar as he rolled it around his mind but that wasn't saying much, as his life propelled him around the country,... more
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