Mon Dec 16, 2013 21:46

Zakir didn’t ask after the identity of Riley’s previous boyfriend. He understood the desire to remain hidden, and the fear that accompanied the truth. Telling one’s family that they were different was a difficult, or in many cases impossible, thing. Certainly if the other boy came from a Pureblooded line. Passing the purity onto the next generation was of the upmost importance to the male heirs in any bloodline, and choosing a partner of the same gender insured those bloodlines died. Perhaps it wouldn’t be as large a problem for female offspring, but for the males it was.

Closing his eyes, Zakir realized that he was the last Adir. Would his father’s line die with him? If it did, would that be such a terrible outcome? He didn’t know. “Are bloodlines important to muggles?” Zakir asked. “Is that why they do not care if their offspring are…gay?” Ever sense third year when he’d been caught by Rebecca Brandon and she’d told him that muggles were more accepting of people like him, he’d wondered why. Didn’t fathers’ of muggle heirs want their names and fortunes passed on to the next generation?

“Why are they more accepting than the magical community?” he whispered, hurt bleeding into the words against his will. The Yorks did not need him to pass on their name, but he knew instinctively that he would still be obligated to whatever match was made for him. Not because of love, or the need of heirs, but just because that was how things were done. How they would always be done. The children of Purebloods were not permitted to make their own choices in life. It was the place of their parents or guardians to craft their future. Why are muggle children given such freedom?

  • *Grins*Riley, Sat Dec 14 21:04
    Riley smiled again when Zakir said living in New York City sounded exciting. He nodded when the other boy said he would be seek a Master to apprentice under. It made since the few times the two boys... more
    • So... — Zakir, Mon Dec 16 21:46
      • ...Uh oh!Riley, Tue Dec 17 14:39
        Riley, would’ve told Zakir all about Sebastian Edwards if the boy had asked, and he wouldn’t have felt bad at all. He had wanted to out Sebastian since they had broken up, even if it was just to... more
        • ...Zakir, Sat Dec 21 21:26
          Zakir stiffened in surprise when Riley’s arms captured him in an embrace. For a long moment, he remained ridged, unsure if he wanted to pull away or accept the unexpected contact. If you want more... more
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