I’m melting
Mon Dec 16, 2013 22:01

The dance was in full swing, and to Zakir’s quiet delight no one was willing to approach him. A few students who got too close to his bubble of darkness quickly decided to find a different place to socialize. He did not care much for eating in public outside of the Diner, so he avoided the snack tables and the large cluster of students congregating around them. Instead he lingered near the back, his dark gaze locked on the band.

He’d never seen a live band before, and somehow the music seemed more alive as it washed over the crowed. Students danced to the pounding beat, drawing a slight smile to his lips. While he had no interest in joining them, he could feel the frantic energy of the band being fed directly into the dancing hoard. It was...pleasant to be a faceless member of the group, aloft but still a part of the greater whole.

Zakir swayed softly, loosing himself to the living music. “How did you do that? It’s really cool.” he jerked out of his stupor when he realized that the voice was directed at him. The scowl twisting his lips was hidden by the overhanging cloak, but Zakir was certain that the other person could feel his irritation radiating off him along with the waves of coldness.

“I used a cooling charm mixed with a spell of unease on my outer robes, a heating charm for my inner robe and a potion to float,” Zakir snapped. His voice gave his identity away. The potion coupled with the spell easily hid his normally short stature. It was nice to be as tall or taller than most of the students instead of always been the short one.

  • Let me shed some lightIka Blackburn, Sun Dec 15 03:09
    Now that they were definitely doing Into the Woods , all of Ika’s free sewing time and abilities would go into costuming the show. But she didn’t have everyone’s measurements yet, and she still had... more
    • I’m melting — Zakir, Mon Dec 16 22:01
      • I’m not in Kansas anymoreIka, Sun Dec 29 13:40
        “Spooky,” Ika replied, grinning widely up at her friend. Ika wasn’t sure whether or not Zakir considered them friends—he was so reserved and most of the time he seemed bored or annoyed and the nicest ... more
        • No, this is Colorado Zakir, Wed Jan 1 18:26
          Zakir considered her offer. During his first three years, he’d helped out with sets behind the scenes. That stopped after the whole disaster with his father, but now that she’d brought it up, he felt ... more
          • Then I need a new mapIka, Fri Jan 3 03:14
            “That would be great!” They needed all kinds of special effects for the show, and having more upperclassmen on board would really help. Maybe she could even convince him to man the booth with her… he ... more
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