Killian Walker
I'm happy that you're happy.
Tue Dec 17, 2013 14:58

Killian rubbed his hands together nervously, trying to get rid of the anxious feeling that was plaguing him. It was like the sixteen year old to be any kind of nervous, but he found that he couldn’t shake it. The feeling wasn’t bad, it was just unusual. The Aquila was normally very confident about his abilities and what he was going into, but this was a little bit different. He didn’t really know what to expect from the evening, but he knew it was going to be fun despite anything that could happen.

The Aquila hadn’t realized how alone he had been over the years. Despite his countless “friends” and the people surrounding him, Killian didn’t have anyone that he truly considered close to him besides Serenity, and even she was in the dark about most things. For the first times in years, Killian’s dark eyes showed the sorrow he felt from what he had done over the past few years. He’d left broken hearts and torn friendships behind him, even a torn family. The boy wasn’t sure he could handle it if he broke what he had now.

But did he actually have what he thought he had? Killian didn’t actually know but he hoped to find out sometime in the near future. It was almost plaguing his thoughts and it drove him crazy. In the time of his second term at RMI, he’d accomplished many things, not all of them good. The one he was proudest of was his friendship with Pamela. But he wasn’t entirely sure he wanted it to be just a friendship. He didn’t want to ruin anything if she didn’t want the same thing and so he wasn’t going to push it.

He’d taken a step, in his mind, by asking her to go to the Halloween dance with him. He’d asked her earlier in the week and had been momentarily worried that she wouldn’t go with him. But when she had stammered out a yes, Killian had been overjoyed. He’d mentioned costumes and how he didn’t like to wear them but the two had agreed that they could forego the costumes. Killian had decided to go wear a black tux with a purple vest and tie. The purple color matched that of Pamela’s dress. It was something he had thought to ask about since they were going together. He stopped leaned on the bathroom sink, making sure that everything was in place.

The Aquila made his way down to the Rec Center, nodding at a few other students as he passed them. Music drifted out from the area that the bulk of the party was going on, but Killian ignored it for the moment. He had a date to find first. He searched the small groups of people outside the dance before he caught sight of her. He rubbed his hands together once more and checked his reflection in a nearby surface.

“Hello Pamela,” he said, smiling at her. “You look lovely tonight.”

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  • I feel happy!Pamela Wrey, Sat Dec 14 19:53
    To say that Pamela Wrey was excited was a complete and utter understatement. For the past couple of days Pam had found herself unwillingly show a happier side to her usual withdrawn ways. She... more
    • I'm happy that you're happy. — Killian Walker, Tue Dec 17 14:58
      • And I like it when you're happy.Pam , Fri Dec 20 17:47
        Her hand rubbed the scar on her neck subconsciously as she took in the extravagant scenery and costumes. Pamela was happy with their decision not to dress in costume, though she had to admit some of... more
        • I take it you'd be happier somewhere else?Killian, Sun Dec 29 17:47
          "Killian," His name wass the first thing that he heard and the boy couldn’t help but think it sounded fantastic coming from the girl in front of him. "Thank you, y-you look great too." Killian felt... more
          • It's like you read my mind.Pam, Sun Dec 29 20:36
            Though Pamela was never allowed to show at any of her step-father's balls or parties, which she was many times corrected that the two were completely different things, it was impossible even in the... more
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