There were a couple of clues.
Tue Dec 17, 2013 14:58

The other boy, said he was his humble servant and Jesse laughed. He nodded when the boy asked if he was a particular one. “Chango, he’s an Orisha, from Santeria.” he explained, he wondered if there were any other practitioners of Santeria at RMI. He assumed not, but one could never be sure.

When the kids complimented his costume Jesse nodded and said. “As is yours, yours is a bit more dramatic though.” He said with a smile. The Cuban boy himself would never had worn it as just too much for him but he thought it looked awesome especially when the kid was spinning fire, which the kid was now explaining was poi.

“What happens if you hit them together, do they explode or something?” Jesse asked his eyes lightening up. Explosions were awesome! Jesse had a lot of them in Potions class, in fact he was on his second cauldron this month due to his extreme lack of interest in the subject and his general interest in explosions.

When the kid offered him a go, with the things called poi Jesse was about to jump at the chance, but then he mentioned hitting himself in the nads. That didn’t sound fun at all! Plus he was here to pick up chicks not play with fire....but it did seem like fun, and he was probably less likely to hit himself with one.

“Sure, that sounds awesome!” He said reaching out his hand for one. “I’m Jesse Ramos by the way.”

  • How did you guess?Starr Colindale, Mon Dec 16 18:04
    “Then I am but your humble servant, I suppose,” Starr grinned, as the other guy announced himself to be a fire god. “Any particular one?” he queried, eyes raking up and down the boy's costume. He... more
    • There were a couple of clues. — Jesse, Tue Dec 17 14:58
      • We must be on the same wavelengthStarr, Tue Dec 24 13:09
        Santeria... Santeria... Starr wracked his brains. The word didn't sound entirely unfamiliar as he rolled it around his mind but that wasn't saying much, as his life propelled him around the country,... more
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