Alannah Pendergast
Just friends?
Tue Dec 17, 2013 17:48

Alannah saw Christopher holding his hands behind his back and she thought about how remarkably he looked like a younger Patrick Pendergast. Papa often would hold himself like that when he was scolding Alannah. She wondered if young pureblood men were taught to do that, Carrick did it sometimes but not often, then again Carrick was not a proper pureblood heir. Alannah loved Carrick, but he was very accepting everyone.

She was lost in her thoughts when Chris turned sharply towards her. She took a step back and looked at him, wondering why he had done that. He said her name and she smiled at him, she liked the sound of her name on his lips. He didn’t say it like everyone else did, like she was a child but like she was an adult.

The red haired girl pushed her hair back and smiled at the boy as he rushed though through the question. She did want to dance, but wondered if that would seem forward. She turned to face Chris, her one foot being placed on the glass of the dance floor. “Only if you think it’s proper of us to dance at such a ball.” She frowned a bit as the band switch to a much louder and faster song. “I’m not even sure how to dan.....” She stopped in mid sentence and screamed jumping close to Christopher.

She looked down and saw a skeleton pushing on the glass. “Oh how ghastly!” she cried and hid her face in Chris’s shirt for a moment. She stopped, realizing that she was now very close to the younger boy. “Oh excuse me.” she mumbled as she went to step back.

  • I'd much rather be your friend.Chrs, Mon Dec 16 15:14
    Chris held his hands behind his back, as he had seen Oliver do many times. His step-father prided himself in his heritage and the image he was upholding. Oliver was very successful, so surely to be... more
    • Just friends? — Alannah Pendergast, Tue Dec 17 17:48
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