Serafina Dubois
Wed Dec 18, 2013 19:34

“Ta-da! What d’you think?”

Unblinkingly, Gorlot stared down at her from his perch on top of the dresser, round amber eyes reflecting a cross somewhere between overly critical and entirely uncaring as he observed her costume for the evening. Had she been wearing a ballgown, a paper bag, or her birthday suit, she had the distinct feeling that he wouldn’t have twitched so much as a whisker - but, hey, he was a living breathing creature, one of the few creatures who had been her friend for the entire duration of their relationship, and she always asked his opinion regardless of his lack of answers. Especially regardless, in fact. She might not be wearing a ballgown and she wasn’t near rich enough to afford a proper store costume, but she was pretty nifty with a wand. Gorlot’s opinion was asked but utterly moot; she was definitely confident in her costume.

Rolling her eyes as her cat tucked his nose under his paw, she flapped a hand at the dozing feline dismissively. “Right, then, see you.” Finn strode across the dorm and down the stairs, her bare feet padding across the red carpeting to reveal skin that wasn’t her usual pale tone. From the tips of her toes up to bare legs and arms, a handy charm had dyed her skin to a pleasant shade of deep brown, which blended into gold along her shoulders and her face. Her thick red hair had been impatiently backcombed until it stuck out in every direction like a lion’s mane and she had conjured up several long strands of October leaves to wind into the bushy mess, red maple and orange elm matching perfectly with her golden face. That wasn’t where the magic ended, though. Her clothing was just a pair of brown denim shorts and an orange tank top, plain ordinary pieces from her closet, but on her browned shins and forearms she had used a potion to give the skin a crusted layer that mimicked the surface of tree bark. All in all, she was looking very autumn-tree-y, which was exactly the impression she was going for.

One of the branches, end tucked into the pocket of her shorts and tip fastened across her back, kept brushing against her arm while she walked and the Québecoise absently reached around to break off the leaf that had been tickling her elbow, stuffing it into her hair for temporary safekeeping alongside the conjured leaves. There were a few of these branches attached to her clothing, long thin branches laden with leaves that she had retrieved from the forest after Quidditch practice. Originally, she was going to use these real leaves in her hair, but she quickly realized just how much sap they were getting on her and opted for conjured ones instead. The seventeen-year-old wasn’t normally opposed to making a bit of a mess (the shower was practically just a hop and a skip away, after all) but her hair was enough of a mess naturally and she didn’t fancy the addition of having a load of sticky tree sap in it to boot.

The Rec Centre looked spectacularly creepy tonight. Some band was playing loud rocking music, which ruined a bit of the creepy atmosphere for her; Finn rarely listened to anything except for jazz, and in her opinion, a good jazz piece, something in a minor key, would have better complemented the rolling fog and purpled atmosphere. But the band seemed to be popular, judging by how enthusiastic some of the students were, and as much as she preferred to dance to jazz she couldn’t deny that the rock band was putting her in a dancing mood anyways, so when she heard Riley asking her to dance she spun around to cheerfully return his salute. “Merci, I’d love to--what the heck are you wearing?” The blue-eyed witch gaped at him, belatedly realizing that he was in costume. “Lightyear, you said? Are you some kind of astronaut?”

  • Buzzing!Riley Finn, Sat Dec 14 22:43
    Riley entered the Rec Center a bit later than most students, he had been out on Pearl Street trick or treating with Addi and Ty. Ty had been Woody from Toy Story, and Addi had dressed as Jessie.... more
    • Tree-ing! — Serafina Dubois, Wed Dec 18 19:34
      • Dancing? Riley, Sun Dec 22 14:27
        Riley was pleasantly suprised to the see that the other Finn, was the one he had spoken to. Last term, when he was trying to be straight he might have hit on her but now Riley suspected that Finn was ... more
        • Oh, definitely.Finn, Sat Dec 28 16:45
          She listened with interest while Riley explained that this 'Buzz Lightyear' he was dressed as was not an astronaut, but a space ranger, and a fake one at that. Having movies about toys sounded a bit... more
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