That's nice of you.
Thu Dec 19, 2013 22:45

So far her year had so far gone amazing . Not that Patience expected it to last,but *Celery*head was gone and she'd had a really good birthday full of Walking Dead memorabilia. However, she looked at her roomate's hands and frowned. It appeared her they were covered in some sort of nasty goop and she'd apparently been the victim of one of the many vicious pranks that plauged RMI on a regular basis. Honestly, why didn't people just grow the *apple* up? They were not funny or clever, they were annoying at best and cruel at worst. Patience didn't believe publicly humiliating was funny, perhaps because of how she and her sister had been treated back in elementary school. She'd had to take comfort in the fact that they had powers that their Muggle classmates would never have. Even if they couldn't do anything about them-like turn people into cockroaches-it still made her feel superior to them in a way, and she'd needed that in order to cope with their bull*lemon*.

She didn't really have much to comfort her about the idiots here. They had magic too, just like she did, even if they didn't want to and just wanted to cling to the Muggle world. The only people at RMI who seemed to prefer magic, aside from Patience herself, were the snobby bigoted purebloods. It wasn't as though she personally thought magic made someone a better person, since there was plenty of evidence to the contrary here at RMI, it was just that...well, it was a nice thing to have and it did make life better. Kind of like television, which was ironically a Muggle thing. Still, if she didn't have magic, she'd have to spend way too much time on menial work such as cleaning or looking for lost items. Why would anyone want to waste time doing that if they didn't have to?

And people thought the magical world was unfair and backwards, because of the way some of the purebloods acted. The Muggle world, as far as Patience was concerned, was not much better. People without money and connections really didn't fair that much better there. Between that and the fact that people in both worlds were mostly stupid or jerks or stupid jerks, she didn't believe having magic or not made a difference, it was human nature that was the problem. Everything was going to be nasty and unpleasant no matter what, whether you were pureblood, half-blood, Muggleborn or Muggle. And people of all races, nationalities, sexual orientations, financial statuses or magical statuses or anything else one could think of had one common denominator-a few of them were nice decent people, but most of them sucked. It was almost a comforting thought, because it was something Patience could count on as being consistant in life.

When her roommate told her who had played the prank on her, the fifth year blinked a little. She didn't think Finn had been around long enough to seriously make enemies here. Of course, if someone sent her roommate a nasty birthday card, it had to be personal. Which was crueler than someone who pranked the entire school and seemed like rather a case of bullying and not at all random.

Patience snickered at Finn's reaction, however. Yay, someone in this school actually seemed to agree with her about pranks to a certain extent! That someone agreed with her on something, anything was nothing short of amazing. "They try so hard. I mean, all the pranksters here. They think they're so cool and funny. It's super irritating. I don't even eat in the Finer Diner a lot of times. Most money my parents send me goes to restaurants up on Pearl Street." Admittedly, these were mostly fast food places, because they were cheaper. "I'm not about to let those *apricots* get the best of me and make me look dumb."

  • She gave a relieved sort of nod when her roommate responded that she was fine. Er, well, her new roommate... One of them, specifically. After rooming with only Cassandra last term, well, she'd fairly ... more
    • That's nice of you. — Patience, Thu Dec 19 22:45
      • Sometimes I can be nice.Finn, Sun Dec 22 16:36
        "Oh, don't even get me started," she bemoaned - albiet quite sarcastically, as they were clearly well started off on this topic already. Finn wasn't usually much of a complainer, having pieced... more
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