And I like it when you're happy.
Fri Dec 20, 2013 17:47

Her hand rubbed the scar on her neck subconsciously as she took in the extravagant scenery and costumes. Pamela was happy with their decision not to dress in costume, though she had to admit some of the outfits were spectacular. It was amazing how much effort people put in for one night, and Pam almost laughed aloud when she saw a rather extreme werewolf costume. Ordinary wizards version's of monsters were ignorant yet quite amusing from her perspective, all had these horrific visions of howling and blood and shredded clothes, while the real thing with a lot less romanticised, in a way. Now thinking back to the night her father changed in front of her, eleven year old Pam had never experience such violent terror. It was not an easy sight for three children to watch their reckless father turn into a hideous beast. Chris and Linden were only nine and eight at the time, and hauntingly enough Linden passively remarked it was the only clear memory she had of her father.

The Draco mentally scolded herself. This was not the time for living in the past, Killian could be here any moment and she had promised herself she would make sure she enjoyed the night, for his sakes. It was a surprise enough for her to actually be asked to a dance, so she had to make the most of it. The girl found excitement beginning to glow underneath the rubble of doubts, it was an odd feeling, through she did not try to hide it once Killian approached. Dressed in black and purple, he looked so handsome and Pam found herself smiling as he said her name.

"Killian," She breathed, her cheeks tinged pink. "Thank you, y-you look great too."

She felt it was a hardly worthy compliment, but she found herself not able to conjure up another one. Though the loud music was making it hard to hear. Pam had never been a fan of loud noises in general, even the sound of house elves apparate in outside her door to her for breakfast managed to make the girl wince. She remember arriving at RMI for the first time and the Headmaster looking at her with slight guilt as she jumped out of her skin when her luggage fell to the floor. Linden would often affectionately compare Pamela to a dog in that way. Hating loud noises, but a lover of roasting fires and rain (of course it was the complete opposite if she was in the possession of a book).

  • I'm happy that you're happy.Killian Walker, Tue Dec 17 14:58
    Killian rubbed his hands together nervously, trying to get rid of the anxious feeling that was plaguing him. It was like the sixteen year old to be any kind of nervous, but he found that he couldn’t... more
    • And I like it when you're happy. — Pam , Fri Dec 20 17:47
      • I take it you'd be happier somewhere else?Killian, Sun Dec 29 17:47
        "Killian," His name wass the first thing that he heard and the boy couldn’t help but think it sounded fantastic coming from the girl in front of him. "Thank you, y-you look great too." Killian felt... more
        • It's like you read my mind.Pam, Sun Dec 29 20:36
          Though Pamela was never allowed to show at any of her step-father's balls or parties, which she was many times corrected that the two were completely different things, it was impossible even in the... more
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