Sun Dec 22, 2013 14:27

Riley was pleasantly suprised to the see that the other Finn, was the one he had spoken to. Last term, when he was trying to be straight he might have hit on her but now Riley suspected that Finn was more like him. He had never questioned her, as it wasn’t his place. Riley laughed and nodded. “It’s from a movie called Toy Story, Addi’s son Ty went as the main character, Woody so they convinced me to go as Buzz Lightyear a toy who think he’s an actual Space Ranger. ”

He looked over her costume and smiled. “I love that you came as a tree!” He exclaimed. Finn looked cute in her outfit and it was actually well made. It had taken two people to make Riley’s as good as it was. “It’s much more recognizable than me, at least here!” In the Muggle world everyone had know exactly who he was supposed to be.

He looked at the dance floor as another skelton was pushing up on the glass. He heard a younger girl screamed and Riley laughed. “It might be dangerous, but if you’d like to dance with this one armed Space Ranger, he would be glad to lead a tree about the dance floor.” He said with a nod. Riley liked Finn, she was fun and last term pretending to be her boyfriend in Grease had been fun. She had made a good Rizzo.

  • Tree-ing!Serafina Dubois, Wed Dec 18 19:34
    “Ta-da! What d’you think?” Unblinkingly, Gorlot stared down at her from his perch on top of the dresser, round amber eyes reflecting a cross somewhere between overly critical and entirely uncaring as ... more
    • Dancing? — Riley, Sun Dec 22 14:27
      • Oh, definitely.Finn, Sat Dec 28 16:45
        She listened with interest while Riley explained that this 'Buzz Lightyear' he was dressed as was not an astronaut, but a space ranger, and a fake one at that. Having movies about toys sounded a bit... more
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