Sometimes I can be nice.
Sun Dec 22, 2013 16:36

"Oh, don't even get me started," she bemoaned - albiet quite sarcastically, as they were clearly well started off on this topic already. Finn wasn't usually much of a complainer, having pieced together at an early age that complaining didn't solve anything and in fact tended to only make situations worse, but her birthdays tended to put her in a sourer-than-usual mood to begin with, and she saw no harm in exchanging some friendly griping with her roommate. Plus, she wholeheartedly agreed with Patience's opinion of pranksters. Annoying, self-entitled kids. "That's a good idea, taking meals elsewhere. I might have to start doing that myself if the pranks keep up." Then again, she probably wouldn't; she was saving up to move into her own place soon and it would be ridiculous to spend her money on food when there was Free Food offered to them in the school. "I mean, why does it have to be the Diner? Have they always been targeting pranks there since you've been at RMI?"

Making a face at her left thumb, which was stubbornly hanging on to the floor despite her attempts to wrench it free, she blew a stray bit of reddish hair out of her face and blinked over to where Gorlot had plonked himself down. That was to say, where he had previously plonked himself down, which was now just a noticeably bare spot of floor. 'Lemme guess, you've already run back to the dorm.' Whether it was Daphne's card tricks or the broader school pranks thrown by some vaguely anonymous figure, her cat had quickly developed an excellent sense of self-preservation and a prime ability to stick by her while she was in the simple ornery stage of why-is-this-happening only to vanish the instant she reached the next stage, which she had labelled as end-this-now-or-so-help-me, the mood in which she started idly contemplating hexes and revenge.

Not that revenge worked any better than complaining, or at least, it didn't in theory, but in practice the Québecoise rather felt that revenge could accomplish a lot, as 'wrong' as that opinion may have been. After all, her grandparents had taken a sort of sideways revenge on her mum, and look where that had gotten them! Juliet Dubois had been a spineless woman for most of Finn's childhood, easily prodded back into proper form, which had seemed to be exactly what her grandmére intended to happen. So, yes, Finn definitely thought revenge might make a dent in her little situation as well... though she could admit to herself that a good portion of that thought came out of her own (selfish, but justifiably so) desire to hex the witch. If nothing else, Daphne was graduating next year, and with the both of them adults, either the Pureblood would stop sending these cards on her own accord or the Halfblood would challenge her to a formal wizard's duel and force them to come to an end. Ah, how she would enjoy getting to face down her longtime rival and settle their issues by wand. Nothing like the direct route.

"I have to admit," she continued, having finally pulled free that last thumb and gingerly gotten to her feet, "all of those massive pranks and boggarts and things last term really took me by surprise. Back at Beauxbatons, you'd never see stuff like that. Beaux prats tend to go after people individually, with these sneaky letters and the like, at least, they did in my experience. Taking you down one by one like some kind of twisted prep for Pureblood high society." She snorted and shook her head before pausing. Was Patience Pureblooded? The other girl didn't come across as it, but you never knew for certain; the stereotypical Pureblood sorts were everywhere, easy to pick out in a crowd, but obviously they were still human like anyone else, and there had to be an equal or greater number who went less easily detected. "Eh, sorry, no offense meant. I can't help but poke fun at it sometimes. Grew up in it and it still doesn't make any sense to me, t'sais? Crazy world."

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    So far her year had so far gone amazing . Not that Patience expected it to last,but *Celery*head was gone and she'd had a really good birthday full of Walking Dead memorabilia. However, she looked at ... more
    • Sometimes I can be nice. — Finn, Sun Dec 22 16:36
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