Have you really?
Sun Dec 22, 2013 23:28

Demitri swore he’d never been so nervous in his life. After everything he’d gone through with his family, including things like assassination attempts, the fifteen year old couldn’t a remember a time when his heart had beat quite as fast as it did when Olivia’s hand slipped into his. It felt as though his airways had constricted and his heart was racing to keep up even though it should have been slowing down. The boy could feel the heat crawl up the back of his neck and he fought the urge to rub it. That was another habit he had picked up and the nervous ticks seemed to be multiplying by the day.

It wasn’t concerning, the amount of time that Demitri spent being nervous, instead he attributed it to not being able to be honest with people about his heritage. Most of his confidence came with the knowledge that people wouldn’t see him as arrogant because of it, but simply that his self-assurance was centered on the fact that he always had to be sure of what he did. At Rocky Mountain, he had none of that. He was just that French transfer kid who was, for the most part, nervous and awkward. The nervous things, like messing with his ring and rubbing his neck, weren’t helping his image at all. He just hoped that they would fade when he returned to Isle de Frčre.

But did he want them to fade? Demitri couldn’t say he knew who he was and it was something that troubled him. The mixture of his life at Rocky Mountain and his life on his family’s island was giving the Aquila one large case of identity crisis. He wasn’t sure if the nervous boy who felt more for this girl then he should was himself, or whether it was the confident prince who knew better. He wasn’t sure who he was, but sometimes he felt like he knew who he wanted to be. He experienced one of those moments as Olivia’s hand came to rest around his neck, his own wrapping around her waist and their free hands intertwining. Demitri swore that his heartbeat could be heard halfway across the room.

“Really?” he said, tilting his head to the side at the Draco’s confession that she hadn’t exactly danced before. “It’s quite easy, here I’ll show you.”

Demitri began counting softly along with the beat of the music, going slightly slower than necessary so that Olivia could catch onto the steps. Leading dances was something the fifteen year old was used to considering his origins. He just couldn’t remember a time when his partner hadn’t been trying to weasel her way closer to him during it, not that Demitri would have minded in this situation. As focused as he was on counting and trying to make sure Olivia could keep up, the prince faltered slightly in his own steps, causing him to chuckle.

“It just takes practice,” he murmured as he righted his movements. “Even I’m not perfect at it and I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember.”

  • I've been here all along.Olivia, Sat Dec 21 22:18
    Stunning? Her ? Gosh, it was probably more the dress than anything else. Olivia typically just wore cardigans and jeans, the latter of which a luxury she had discovered in transition to non-society... more
    • Have you really? — Demitri, Sun Dec 22 23:28
      • Where else would I want to be?Olivia, Tue Dec 24 02:07
        The arm around her waist felt oddly natural, like meeting someone who had floated through a dream prior to ever actually encountering. Flashes of memories Olivia had never lived danced along with... more
        • I've no idea, but I'm glad it's here.Demitri, Sun Dec 29 19:23
          “Oh, I think you dance divinely,” Demitri directed his eyes to the floor rather quickly and laughed nervously. He wasn’t used to compliments that weren’t followed by some type of order. Often when... more
          • Me too.Olivia, Thu Jan 2 19:42
            Berating sentiments plagued Olivia's mind; how could she be so uncoordinated? And she was wearing heels , so that definitely did not feel pleasant on Demitri's poor foot. He had been so kind, either... more
            • So I'm not alone?Demitri, Mon Jan 6 19:33
              Demitri finally pulled himself together enough to meet Olivia’s eyes and his gaze was drawn to the single tear that made its way down her cheek. For a split second, he was afraid that he had made her ... more
              • You are not alone, believe meOlivia, Sun Jan 12 02:52
                Sometimes, people shattered. Olivia never had because she had never gotten the opportunity to form fully. Her early childhood had been a toxic place, burning through her. It was only since getting... more
                • Strange. I'm pretty sure I am.Demitri, Tue Jan 14 17:32
                  "But what makes you think I'm so special? You hardly know me, Demitri, and while it's really so nice of you to say, you can't possibly know that." A moment before, Demitri had been open and... more
                  • Well, that's okay. I am too.Olivia, Sat Jan 18 21:53
                    Inevitably and unsurprisingly, Olivia had screwed everything up. She knew she had done it when he stepped away. His touch suddenly absent, she felt as alone as she had ever been. It was solitude in a ... more
                    • On second thought...Demitri, Sat Jan 18 23:58
                      “No, please!” Brown eyes closed and shoulders slumped ever so slightly at the words spoken beseechingly by the girl. A hand caught his own, and he turned around to meet the brown eyes. Demitri felt... more
                      • Slipping, slipping, slipping. Brown eyes watched, praying to the heavenly nothing. Please. No. Please! His hand in hers, the skin so warm against her own, and it felt like infinity. An unspoken... more
                        • I would think so.Demitri, Wed Feb 5 15:52
                          As far as first kisses went, Demitri wasn’t really sure if he was actually doing it right. Olivia was frozen for a moment and the Aquila was afraid that he’d done the wrong thing. Before his... more
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