Where else would I want to be?
Tue Dec 24, 2013 02:07

The arm around her waist felt oddly natural, like meeting someone who had floated through a dream prior to ever actually encountering. Flashes of memories Olivia had never lived danced along with them, ideas of what could come later, all of it surely wishful thinking. This was just a dance, and the weaving of their fingers was structure, not intent. She was kidding herself to think anything more.

But the look in his eyes suggested otherwise, re-inviting heat to her cheeks. “It just takes practice.” He was well-versed, and the fifth year wondered how many other partners he had danced with, how many girls he had said looked stunning and offered his hand. Given his social class—she was certain by now that he was in fact a pureblood, and a wealthy one at that—the figures were assuredly plentiful. “Even I’m not perfect at it and I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember.

Olivia smiled at his humility and could not help but wonder if his misstep had been intentional, to make her feel better. “Oh, I think you dance divinely,” she smiled, glancing away nervously after giving the compliment. Her feet ached already (maybe actual glass slippers had not been the greatest idea), but she hardly noticed. Stinging toes would manage a few hours, obediently escorting her as gracefully as the Draco was capable of being. While not too clumsy habitually, nerves could have destroyed even actual royalty, she imagined, and she was no exception; she was nothing special.

The thing was, Demitri made her feel special, which was an accomplishment for her. Overwhelmingly, Olivia spent most of her time feeling particularly ordinary, but his company changed that, as if the tough of his hand echoed his earlier statement: Stunning. She had never asked for this, but Merlin, she was glad it happened.

“Thank you,” she said suddenly, a crooked grin playing on her lips. “For everything. I-…“ Her words fell short when she stepped a bit too far, landing solidly on what she was fairly sure was Demitri’s foot. “Oh!” Olivia reeled, pulling away defensively, afraid he would be upset with her; she had gone and blown it now! “I’m really sorry! A-are you okay?” Mentally she accosted herself, words flavored by a voice not her own. Merlin forbid I ever do anything right!

  • Have you really?Demitri, Sun Dec 22 23:28
    Demitri swore he’d never been so nervous in his life. After everything he’d gone through with his family, including things like assassination attempts, the fifteen year old couldn’t a remember a time ... more
    • Where else would I want to be? — Olivia, Tue Dec 24 02:07
      • I've no idea, but I'm glad it's here.Demitri, Sun Dec 29 19:23
        “Oh, I think you dance divinely,” Demitri directed his eyes to the floor rather quickly and laughed nervously. He wasn’t used to compliments that weren’t followed by some type of order. Often when... more
        • Me too.Olivia, Thu Jan 2 19:42
          Berating sentiments plagued Olivia's mind; how could she be so uncoordinated? And she was wearing heels , so that definitely did not feel pleasant on Demitri's poor foot. He had been so kind, either... more
          • So I'm not alone?Demitri, Mon Jan 6 19:33
            Demitri finally pulled himself together enough to meet Olivia’s eyes and his gaze was drawn to the single tear that made its way down her cheek. For a split second, he was afraid that he had made her ... more
            • You are not alone, believe meOlivia, Sun Jan 12 02:52
              Sometimes, people shattered. Olivia never had because she had never gotten the opportunity to form fully. Her early childhood had been a toxic place, burning through her. It was only since getting... more
              • Strange. I'm pretty sure I am.Demitri, Tue Jan 14 17:32
                "But what makes you think I'm so special? You hardly know me, Demitri, and while it's really so nice of you to say, you can't possibly know that." A moment before, Demitri had been open and... more
                • Well, that's okay. I am too.Olivia, Sat Jan 18 21:53
                  Inevitably and unsurprisingly, Olivia had screwed everything up. She knew she had done it when he stepped away. His touch suddenly absent, she felt as alone as she had ever been. It was solitude in a ... more
                  • On second thought...Demitri, Sat Jan 18 23:58
                    “No, please!” Brown eyes closed and shoulders slumped ever so slightly at the words spoken beseechingly by the girl. A hand caught his own, and he turned around to meet the brown eyes. Demitri felt... more
                    • Slipping, slipping, slipping. Brown eyes watched, praying to the heavenly nothing. Please. No. Please! His hand in hers, the skin so warm against her own, and it felt like infinity. An unspoken... more
                      • I would think so.Demitri, Wed Feb 5 15:52
                        As far as first kisses went, Demitri wasn’t really sure if he was actually doing it right. Olivia was frozen for a moment and the Aquila was afraid that he’d done the wrong thing. Before his... more
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