We must be on the same wavelength
Tue Dec 24, 2013 13:09

Santeria... Santeria... Starr wracked his brains. The word didn't sound entirely unfamiliar as he rolled it around his mind but that wasn't saying much, as his life propelled him around the country, crossing paths with all kinds of people. If someone believed it, the odds were he'd at least heard of it, and the more marginal and non-comformist, the more likely he'd had an encounter with it. Still, he couldn't put much detail to the word at the moment. It sounded kind of Latin American, and he'd certainly met plenty of those and had some epic parties with them – Day of the Dead was the standout celebration in his mind.

“Cool. What's his agenda? Is he like a nature force, or all about the crazy vengeance, etc etc?” he explained his question. He didn't mind admitting his ignorance to the other boy, so long as he didn't extrapolate from it that Starr was an ignorant person. No one could know everything in the world but, in his mind, ignorance meant a lack of willingness to learn about it, whereas Starr was keen to understand as much as possible about people's beliefs.

“Nah, they flare a bit but usually die down fairly sharply,” he answered, when asked if the poi exploded when smacked together, “Mostly it just disrupts the rhythm you've got going and you have to get untangled and start again.

“I'm Starr Colindale,” he smiled, as the other boy introduced himself, handing over one of the poi. He was glad that Jesse was interested.

“Just spin to start with, so that the circle it's making is parallel to your body,” he advised, instinctively taking a step backwards to give them each more space, “If you're right handed, spin with your right, and if you're a leftie do it with the left. You want to be making smooth, even circles, keeping it going at a steady pace. It can be all in the wrist, or you can use your whole arm,” he explained, demonstrating, the poi swinging further out as he made the wider circle with his whole arm. He reigned it back in, mostly using his wrists to generate the motion. “Once you feel the pace is steady, practise transferring it across your body, like so,” he explained, simply crossing the arm over his chest so that the poi spun around on his other side, “Your arm moves but you stay facing forward – don't twist your body. It helps to imagine a line either side of you, and you want to be keeping the poi in line with it,” he added.

  • There were a couple of clues.Jesse, Tue Dec 17 14:58
    The other boy, said he was his humble servant and Jesse laughed. He nodded when the boy asked if he was a particular one. “Chango, he’s an Orisha, from Santeria.” he explained, he wondered if there... more
    • We must be on the same wavelength — Starr, Tue Dec 24 13:09
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