Oh, definitely.
Sat Dec 28, 2013 16:45

She listened with interest while Riley explained that this 'Buzz Lightyear' he was dressed as was not an astronaut, but a space ranger, and a fake one at that. Having movies about toys sounded a bit strange to her. Equally strange was the fact that he was dressed as a space ranger with a pink apron. Then again, Finn hadn't exactly seen a lot of movies herself in the first place, so who was she to judge what was strange? Despite her Halfie status and the fact that she was generally less than fond of all things Pureblood, she had still grown up in a Pureblood house and a predominantly magical neighbourhood, and that was where most of her knowledge lay. Life was plain ironic that way.

"Thanks, you're too kind." The redhead grinned at him, tossing her hair to show off the string of autumn leaves. She wasn't fishing for compliments here (she was a minimalist by nature and dressing up was something she did more for her own benefit than anyone else) but hey, after all the work she'd put into it, it was still really nice of him to admire her costume, giving her one of those mushy warm'n'fuzzy feelings inside. "Maybe so, but now you've explained it, yours is pretty neat too. It definitely stands out in the crowd." Speaking of the crowd... A familiar flash of purple dress caught her eye, which she studied for a moment before recognizing as the dress that Mystery Girl with the Bright Eyes had worn at the masquerade ball last term. 'That's gotta be her again. Who else would it be?'

At Riley's laugh, she turned her attention to the dance floor, where some younger students appeared to be spooked by the skeletons. "Hah, well, if anyone can protect a tree from the dangers of dancing, I bet a space ranger can," she replied with a chuckle, sidling ever so slightly around him under the pretence of positioning herself to dance while really just trying to get a better look at her Mystery Girl. Oh, gosh, this was too good to be true. Mystery Girl was also a Draco. That quiet one, she thought, the one who'd also transferred in, though she couldn't recall her name at the moment. Except, Mystery Girl seemed to be hanging around a (real) boy. Oh, gosh, again. She knew it was too good to be true!

Finn pouted to herself and glanced back at Riley. "Let's get this dance on the road, shall we? Though, erm..." She blinked at his costume again, debating which side she ought to be standing on in order to accomodate his lack of limbs, before concluding that it would be easier to ask him. "Does the one-armed space ranger want to lead or follow? This tree is flexible, so it's up to you, my dear!" As a girl, she was often treated with the expectation that she would be following, but in reality she was quite comfortable in either role when the moment called for it.

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    Riley was pleasantly suprised to the see that the other Finn, was the one he had spoken to. Last term, when he was trying to be straight he might have hit on her but now Riley suspected that Finn was ... more
    • Oh, definitely. — Finn, Sat Dec 28 16:45
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