I take it you'd be happier somewhere else?
Sun Dec 29, 2013 17:47

"Killian," His name wass the first thing that he heard and the boy couldn’t help but think it sounded fantastic coming from the girl in front of him. "Thank you, y-you look great too."

Killian felt himself smile at the small stutter that left Pamela’s lips. His eyes swept quickly down her figure, taking in the purple dress and the black cardigan. Her hair was pulled away from her face and he fought the urge to reach out and brush his fingers against the skin that was colored with a blush. Normally he probably would have, but he didn’t want his date running away from embarrassment as he was sure she would do. Instead he thanked her for the compliment, but he wasn’t sure if she actually heard him.

The music was blaring from the Rec Center and it even made Killian cringe because of how loud it was. The people around them were grouped in masses and the place was rather tight and cramped thanks to all of it. The Australian boy looked at the dark room and the loud noises and tried to picture the timid creature next to him mixed in with all the chaos and came up with nothing. He kind of assumed that if he hadn’t asked, that Pamela wouldn’t have even come to the dance in the first place and he suddenly felt bad for making her feel like she had to come.

Killian had just naturally assumed that the she would go whether or not she had a date, but now that he thought about it, the Aquila realized that she wouldn’t have. She was shy and timid, almost fearful of the world and the people surrounding them and it confused Killian. He didn’t even begin to understand it at all and he wasn’t sure if she would help him to figure it out. He could see it though, a light in her. Sometimes there would be a moment when she’d say something or she would look a certain way and Killian swore that she shone like the sun in those moments. But it was only in certain places and this was not one of them. He wanted to see her shine.

“D-do you wanna go somewhere else like Pearl Street or somewhere?” he said, running a hand through his hair nervously. “It’s kind of loud in there and the musics kind of lame…” Killian swallowed and then added quickly: “I mean if you want to go dance we can I just thought well… yeah…”

Killian ended lamely and practically kicked himself. Could you get any more idiotic you dipstick?

  • And I like it when you're happy.Pam , Fri Dec 20 17:47
    Her hand rubbed the scar on her neck subconsciously as she took in the extravagant scenery and costumes. Pamela was happy with their decision not to dress in costume, though she had to admit some of... more
    • I take it you'd be happier somewhere else? — Killian, Sun Dec 29 17:47
      • It's like you read my mind.Pam, Sun Dec 29 20:36
        Though Pamela was never allowed to show at any of her step-father's balls or parties, which she was many times corrected that the two were completely different things, it was impossible even in the... more
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