It's like you read my mind.
Sun Dec 29, 2013 20:36

Though Pamela was never allowed to show at any of her step-father's balls or parties, which she was many times corrected that the two were completely different things, it was impossible even in the large Damon estate not to hear the music and voices of Oliver's guests and rich friends. Though at first calming and gentle, the girl soon found herself being driven insane by the constant screeching of the violins and shrieking of the flutes. Even when there were no guests, Christopher had sparked a sudden interest in learning the violin, which lead to the same dull song being whined from his quarters. Linden also had captured the inspiration in singing, though that had begun a long time ago. Though Oliver was furious when he learnt of her muggle singing teacher, and fired the poor woman and hired an equally talented, but sterner and more vicious Pureblood to instruct her little sister. Linden still sung muggle songs though, as Oliver, despite his self-renowned sharp sense, could not tell the difference between the two.

Here at Rec Centre, the music was no more pleasing, just louder and just being outside the room made her temples begin to ache. Though Pam was still glad to be here. She liked being with Killian, there was such a refreshing care-free spirit in him, yet the werewolf felt safe and warm at the same time. She loved how strong the blurred emotions were and the joy of being with him.

“D-do you wanna go somewhere else like Pearl Street or somewhere?” he said, almost nervously as his hand went through his dark hair. The small stutter and slight uneasy movement had a smile grow on her lips. “It’s kind of loud in there and the musics kind of lame…”

The Draco was just about to reply before:

“I mean if you want to go dance we can I just thought well… yeah…”

The dark haired girl, let out a small laugh glancing at the ground before looking back up to the boy. It seemed she was not the only who was at home with the genre of music. It would be nice to go to Pearl Street as well, taking Pamela back to when they first met, with Killian saving her from a lunch with Charline Adler. It was also in a way quite scary, that was the problem when meeting new people, it was always the right place at the right time.

"It's like you read my mind," Pam said, smile still fresh "I've, um, never been a big fan of...well...this type of music."

  • I take it you'd be happier somewhere else?Killian, Sun Dec 29 17:47
    "Killian," His name wass the first thing that he heard and the boy couldn’t help but think it sounded fantastic coming from the girl in front of him. "Thank you, y-you look great too." Killian felt... more
    • It's like you read my mind. — Pam, Sun Dec 29 20:36
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