No, this is Colorado
Wed Jan 1, 2014 18:26

Zakir considered her offer. During his first three years, he’d helped out with sets behind the scenes. That stopped after the whole disaster with his father, but now that she’d brought it up, he felt a stab of nostalgia. “If you require assistance, I may be able to help,” he offered. The only real experience with costume making he had was in making his own, still, he’d come up with a few clever ideas. It might be interesting, and he welcomed the idea of returning back stage to help create a different breed of magic. Zakir would never be one to join the actors on stage, but he didn’t mind being part of the shadows that made the whole show possible.

“Yes. They’re quite popular in Europe, but in the past year or so they’ve gained a larger fan base in America,” he replied, not quite able to keep the fan-boy tone out of his normally cool voice. In truth, he knew every song by heart, not that he would ever admit that out loud to anyone. I wonder if they would give me their autographs if I asked, Zakir felt heat burning his cheeks at the mere thought of speaking to them.

“I like the lead singer best,” it took a moment for Zakir to realize what he’d just said in response to Ika’s comment about the bassist. “I mean, I enjoy his singing. He…has a nice voice.” Each word seemed to make things worse in his mind, so he fell into an awkward silence. Merlin, how could you go and all but admit that you find the lead singer attractive? he berated himself, hoping that the girl wouldn’t catch his slip up.

“So, what bands to you like?” Zakir asked, trying to gloss over his earlier comment and distract her with something else.

  • I’m not in Kansas anymoreIka, Sun Dec 29 13:40
    “Spooky,” Ika replied, grinning widely up at her friend. Ika wasn’t sure whether or not Zakir considered them friends—he was so reserved and most of the time he seemed bored or annoyed and the nicest ... more
    • No, this is Colorado — Zakir, Wed Jan 1 18:26
      • Then I need a new mapIka, Fri Jan 3 03:14
        “That would be great!” They needed all kinds of special effects for the show, and having more upperclassmen on board would really help. Maybe she could even convince him to man the booth with her… he ... more
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