Me too.
Thu Jan 2, 2014 19:42

Berating sentiments plagued Olivia's mind; how could she be so uncoordinated? And she was wearing heels, so that definitely did not feel pleasant on Demitri's poor foot. He had been so kind, either taking pity on her or, less likely, actually caring about her, but she had obviously messed that up. Time to say goodbye to this wonderful friendship she was forming, instincts pulling back.

But Demitri did not let her go; he kept her dancing, spinning confusion into her brown eyes that stared into his with wonder and regret, a lifetime of shouting bringing her fear. "It’s really nothing; I’m much happier right here whether I get my toes stepped on or not.” She felt her cheeks growing hotter, eye contact slipping nervously. Was he saying what she thought he was saying? Or maybe she was just reading too deeply, seeing what she wanted to but was not really there.

For a brief moment, the Draco dared to let herself imagine, a possibly disastrous feat but unavoidable. What if Dimitri really did care about her, and in a non-platonic way? It was almost inconceivable, but she did her best to fancy a world where that could be a reality. "You don't have to thank me either." He was speaking again, her gaze drawn to him, though he was not returning the act. "You deserve to be treated well and anyone who says otherwise is a fool."

Olivia felt tears threatening her, and she fought to repress them, but a single soldier broke through her defenses, leaving a trail in its wake as it slowly slid down her cheek. "That's... That's really beautiful." She found herself smiling, reassured that maybe Aunt Ava had been right and her father had been wrong, that maybe she was valuable. Having best friends like Aoife and Strawberry had done well for her confidence, but there was always the background fear of being deceived; after all, the two were probably the sweetest girls in the school and she could see them pretending to like her out of pity. But they also knew very little about her past experiences, her existence in her parents' dark home a lifetime gone, and while Demitri obviously knew even less, he spoke so kindly and so poignantly that the emotional response was completely inescapable.

"You have no idea how much it means to hear that," Olivia confessed, her voice slightly shaken but overall clear and overwhelmingly honest. The dance was still alive, but she almost forgot, her body seeming distant and conscious, moving without her instruction, led faithfully by Demitri's instructions whispered through his touch. And no one else but Demitri mattered, the room empty for all she cared or knew. Damp eyes sparkled and were alive, mirrors into the darkness of her past but reflecting the light of her future. "Thank you so much," she added despite his earlier statement of requiring nothing of the kind. He did not need it, but he deserved it.

  • I've no idea, but I'm glad it's here.Demitri, Sun Dec 29 19:23
    “Oh, I think you dance divinely,” Demitri directed his eyes to the floor rather quickly and laughed nervously. He wasn’t used to compliments that weren’t followed by some type of order. Often when... more
    • Me too. — Olivia, Thu Jan 2 19:42
      • So I'm not alone?Demitri, Mon Jan 6 19:33
        Demitri finally pulled himself together enough to meet Olivia’s eyes and his gaze was drawn to the single tear that made its way down her cheek. For a split second, he was afraid that he had made her ... more
        • You are not alone, believe meOlivia, Sun Jan 12 02:52
          Sometimes, people shattered. Olivia never had because she had never gotten the opportunity to form fully. Her early childhood had been a toxic place, burning through her. It was only since getting... more
          • Strange. I'm pretty sure I am.Demitri, Tue Jan 14 17:32
            "But what makes you think I'm so special? You hardly know me, Demitri, and while it's really so nice of you to say, you can't possibly know that." A moment before, Demitri had been open and... more
            • Well, that's okay. I am too.Olivia, Sat Jan 18 21:53
              Inevitably and unsurprisingly, Olivia had screwed everything up. She knew she had done it when he stepped away. His touch suddenly absent, she felt as alone as she had ever been. It was solitude in a ... more
              • On second thought...Demitri, Sat Jan 18 23:58
                “No, please!” Brown eyes closed and shoulders slumped ever so slightly at the words spoken beseechingly by the girl. A hand caught his own, and he turned around to meet the brown eyes. Demitri felt... more
                • Slipping, slipping, slipping. Brown eyes watched, praying to the heavenly nothing. Please. No. Please! His hand in hers, the skin so warm against her own, and it felt like infinity. An unspoken... more
                  • I would think so.Demitri, Wed Feb 5 15:52
                    As far as first kisses went, Demitri wasn’t really sure if he was actually doing it right. Olivia was frozen for a moment and the Aquila was afraid that he’d done the wrong thing. Before his... more
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