Then I need a new map
Fri Jan 3, 2014 03:14

“That would be great!” They needed all kinds of special effects for the show, and having more upperclassmen on board would really help. Maybe she could even convince him to man the booth with her… he wasn’t her first choice to spend three hours in a dark lights-and-sounds room with, but it’d be better than trying to manage both on her own. Ika was still trying to get Keith to help her out for the night of the show. So far he hadn’t thought it was as excellent an idea as she thought it was, but Ika thought he might come around. Maybe if I get Irene on my side, she’ll help…

Not that Irene had that much influence over Keith—he was stubborn, and he only really responded to sound logical arguments—but it couldn’t hurt.

From what she knew of Zakir, this was as excited as he got. It wasn’t anything like Marisol’s exciting squeaking and jumping up and down over her favorite band, but it was a little more than he usually showed. It was kind of cute. “He’s okay,” she replied, appraising the lead singer like an antique at an auction. “And he’s not a bad singer, either,” Ika added with a giggle. She didn’t get why boys were so weird about admitting other boys were attractive. Ika didn’t have any qualms about recognizing pretty girls.

“They’ll probably take a break soon,” she said. “You could get his autograph or a picture with them or something.” She knew Marisol would freak out if she had the chance to be at a private party where her favorite band was playing. Ika didn’t know how rare this kind of thing was in the wizarding world, but she thought Zakir should take advantage of the situation when he had the chance.

“Well, mostly Muggle bands. Kind of—indie pop, I guess? The Eponymous Heroes, Marshmallow Allergy, Underpaid Interns, Roses for Satellites. And my boss plays a lot of older wizarding artists during work hours—Hatley McCoy, Greta Perrault, Celestina Warbeck, the Weird Sisters—but I don’t know many modern wizarding bands.” McCoy and Perrault reminded Ika of the Muggle world’s Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald—they had that kind of 40’s crooner quality. Ika liked the style, but she definitely preferred brighter music.

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    Zakir considered her offer. During his first three years, he’d helped out with sets behind the scenes. That stopped after the whole disaster with his father, but now that she’d brought it up, he felt ... more
    • Then I need a new map — Ika, Fri Jan 3 03:14
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