Henry Knight
In other news, I hate you.
Sat Jan 4, 2014 04:44

The Rec Centre was empty early in the morning. Henry swam at 6:00, sometimes 5:00am. The availability of the pool was one of the few joys in his life at RMI, consistently miserable at this Merlin-awful place. But alone in the water, he was not quite the same grouch of a boy that he was at all other times.

For one thing, there was no one to abuse. The dark-haired fourth year was isolated entirely, the stillness permeated only by the waves he caused in the water, every stroke a ripple, every kick a splash. With no one to hate, Henry found the closest thing to peace he could ever know, his mind calmer than the water but not quite empty, dark thoughts ever-present, simply the volume reduced.

Sometimes, Henry did not want to be the spiteful devil that he was. It was just the only way he knew. Contempt for the world around him kept him strong, lashing out to weaken anyone who threatened to reach his level. And if he developed a weakness, an attachment to someone, he only had to pull away, and perhaps eventually, the damned feelings would fade.

That was his plan with Elizabeth. As children, they had been particularly close, but as they grew older, Henry had realized his terrible flaw; he let his younger sister have too much power in his life. He had to block her out to shut her down. Authority and control was reserved for him and only him because he was the heir and she was a dumb little girl. It had to be this way.

Most people he genuinely hated. The Aquila had ridiculous standards, and failure to meet even one spelled out an instant assignment as worthless. But some were so close it scared him, so he fought back, his mouth running faster than his wand, and he was okay again. Henry wanted to be strong, and he wanted to live forever.

Water clung to his body as he climbed out of the pool, beads dripping, down his back and then his trunks, leaving trails like memories. Henry happened to face the door and was caught off guard by what he saw there: someone else.

The Rec Centre was empty in the morning.

But not today.

    • Hater's Gonna HateBeka Hiemer (Aquila), Sat Jan 4 16:11
      Beka was not happy to be up this early in the morning. She didn't mind the afternoon, and she loved it during the evening and at night, but the morning was horrible. And she wasn't in the mood at all ... more
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