Beka Hiemer (Aquila)
Hater's Gonna Hate
Sat Jan 4, 2014 16:11

Beka was not happy to be up this early in the morning. She didn't mind the afternoon, and she loved it during the evening and at night, but the morning was horrible. And she wasn't in the mood at all to meet one Henry Knight. It was really a simple concept. She knew he hated other people. She hated him. She hated morning.

Beka never thought of herself as little. Other people had reffered to her as little. She knew in an abstract way that she was littler than everyone else (even if she was tall for her age, she was only eleven.) She probably even knew that Henry Knight could beat her and hex her into next week, but Beka had psyched herself up so that the minute that she had seen Henry Knight she would punch him, and even if she was little, Beka Hiemer, who had been climbing trees most of her life, had a pretty good fist.

She didn't expect it to be morning. She was heading down to the recreation center, because one of her friends (she couldn't remember which- it had been late at night) had dared her to go down to the recreation center in the early morning and jump in the water. They had even been so kind to shake her awake (and then ran out the door before Beka had reached for her wand.) Beka had promised revenge, (and that she would find out which of her friends it was) and gone to jump in the water.

She opened the door to Henry Knight.

Beka paused, her brain slowly catching up to what was going on, and staring into a face that seemed just as surprised that she was there in the morning that she herself was. Slowly she wondered what would happen if she actually did. If she actually punched him. But Beka was an impulsive person, and before she had even fully registered that it actually was Henry Knight standing there her fist was flying towards his face.

She figured that she would jump in the pool tommorow. Right now, she needed to run instead, and run she did.

  • In other news, I hate you.Henry Knight, Sat Jan 4 04:44
    The Rec Centre was empty early in the morning. Henry swam at 6:00, sometimes 5:00am. The availability of the pool was one of the few joys in his life at RMI, consistently miserable at this... more
    • Hater's Gonna Hate — Beka Hiemer (Aquila), Sat Jan 4 16:11
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