You are not alone, believe me
Sun Jan 12, 2014 02:52

Sometimes, people shattered.

Olivia never had because she had never gotten the opportunity to form fully. Her early childhood had been a toxic place, burning through her. It was only since getting out that she had the change to grow into herself, but even now, poison clung to the edges, keeping a hole here and there. Much of the venom was in her head, tainting her thoughts, or on her heart, ruining her emotions.

Belated development and stinging memories had always kept her timid and distant, but here was Demitri, his arms encompassing her. He guided her off the dance floor, a barrage of fear rampaging through her. The Draco had said too much, spoiled her secrets. He would find out who she was, the name Knight only so common, and he would abandon her. It had been fun while it lasted, so fun in fact that the idea of saying goodbye now simply terrified her.

Shallow breath came to a stop as his thumb softly ran over the tear she had released. The brunette could feel herself trembling, breath resumed but just barely. "I don't know why, but whenever I'm with you, I just want to make you see that you are worth so much more than you think." His voice was low, his words their private conspiracy. "I just might spend the rest of my time here making sure you know how special you are."

Brown eyes glanced away, flattered and awed too much to maintain contact, though a smile teased her lips. "I-I didn't mean-... No one's said-..." A life spent concealing remained habitually on her tongue, struggling to offer justifications that had not even been asked for and otherwise were, she had learned, completely unhealthy anyway. Things had been said, actions taken, what felt like a past life clinging desperately.

"But what makes you think I'm so special?" She mustered strength, discomfort overwhelmed by curiosity. "You hardly know me, Demitri, and while it's really so nice of you to say, you can't possibly know that." Conversely, she felt as if she had known him forever, like he was a part of her she had never realized she was missing. He was the special one, respectful and kind beyond anything she had ever encountered. He treated her like a princess, which was wonderful because he was such a prince.

  • So I'm not alone?Demitri, Mon Jan 6 19:33
    Demitri finally pulled himself together enough to meet Olivia’s eyes and his gaze was drawn to the single tear that made its way down her cheek. For a split second, he was afraid that he had made her ... more
    • You are not alone, believe me — Olivia, Sun Jan 12 02:52
      • Strange. I'm pretty sure I am.Demitri, Tue Jan 14 17:32
        "But what makes you think I'm so special? You hardly know me, Demitri, and while it's really so nice of you to say, you can't possibly know that." A moment before, Demitri had been open and... more
        • Well, that's okay. I am too.Olivia, Sat Jan 18 21:53
          Inevitably and unsurprisingly, Olivia had screwed everything up. She knew she had done it when he stepped away. His touch suddenly absent, she felt as alone as she had ever been. It was solitude in a ... more
          • On second thought...Demitri, Sat Jan 18 23:58
            “No, please!” Brown eyes closed and shoulders slumped ever so slightly at the words spoken beseechingly by the girl. A hand caught his own, and he turned around to meet the brown eyes. Demitri felt... more
            • Slipping, slipping, slipping. Brown eyes watched, praying to the heavenly nothing. Please. No. Please! His hand in hers, the skin so warm against her own, and it felt like infinity. An unspoken... more
              • I would think so.Demitri, Wed Feb 5 15:52
                As far as first kisses went, Demitri wasn’t really sure if he was actually doing it right. Olivia was frozen for a moment and the Aquila was afraid that he’d done the wrong thing. Before his... more
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