Aukley Justesen
Let's play a game
Sun Feb 2, 2014 19:55

With her red hair braided and pinned out of her face, Aukley felt focused, determined. She had even worn clean robes instead of her plaid jacket in an effort to appear more mature, and brought her elegant cat, Patricia, along. Today, she would finally play chess with Rocky Mountain International's magical pieces, whether they liked it or not. Oh, she would try it out their way, first; she would wait a while and see if anyone wanted to play, but if they didn't, she wasn't walking out empty-handed! After all, at the age of fourteen, Aukley felt infinitely wiser, taller, and more intimidating than her twelve year-old self had been. Trying to ask nicely, ha. Inanimate objects didn't understand nice.

Stalking past the vividly blue swimming pool and its strange waterfall towards the chess tables, her brown eyes zeroed in on the specific table that had insulted her two years before. Planting herself on the seat before the white pieces, she looked around. Hardly anyone was about, and they mostly seemed to be here for the pool. There was one person, apparently alone, who didn't look occupied - calling out to them, Aukley asked, "Would you like to play a game?"

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