Logan Brophy [5th Year Rep]
SGA Event: Cardboard Regatta
Sun Feb 2, 2014 21:20

Logan straightened his white Dixie cup hat. As part of his sailor’s uniform, he was also wearing white pants, a navy blue shirt, and a silver whistle. His vessel, the S. S. Savannah (Logan was not entirely sure what the S. S. stood for, but it seemed like something that should go on a boat), stood proudly on the edge of the pool. Logan had taken the time to cut a piece of cardboard into the shape of a harp for the masthead. He’d also painted her with bright greens, reds, and blues. She was the most beautiful cardboard boat he had ever seen—since none of the other participants had arrived yet and he had not seen any other cardboard boats.

The students had known about the regatta for the last few weeks, which gave them plenty of time to work on their boats. The theater, with its ample supply of cardboard, tape, glue, and paint, had been an available workspace. The boats couldn’t be reinforced with water-repelling spells or any other kind of magic. The only thing that didn’t have to be cardboard was the oar, which could be made of anything they wanted. Logan, who couldn’t be bothered with making a complicated oar, just had a two-by-four to row with.

Every boat was allowed no more than two sailors. Logan expected people would’ve planned teams beforehand and made their boats together, but he supposed it didn’t really matter if they teamed up today. Personally, Logan was sailing alone. A team of two wasn’t required, but it would help; one person could row, and one person could man the proverbial guns.

For simplicity’s sake, Logan had decided that sailors could only use their wands to manipulate the water. He expected a lot of waves and whirlpools. Older students who knew aguamenti could use the spell; for a Sickle, younger students could rent water pistols from the SGA.

Against one wall, Logan had set up a table with the prizes. The person (or team) who won the race would receive fancy captain hats with their name(s) embroidered on them. They would also earn a guided sailboat trip for four to Lake Granby. Conversely, whoever sunk the most ships would win some piratey loot: a spiffy pirate hat, toy telescopes, and a large bag of gold chocolate coins. Logan fully expected a Lyra to win the prize for “most dramatic sinking,” which was a copy of the film Titanic, a box of Ice Mice, and movie vouchers for the local Pearl Street theater. The most attractive boat would get a charmed ship in a bottle. Logan wasn’t sure who had donated such a cool prize, but it had a tiny wooden crew that ran around and messed with the rigging and so on.

When every team had signed up, Logan gave a short chirp on the whistle to let them know to get ready. All everyone had to do was row from one short end of the pool to the other and then go back. Turning around, he thought, would be where most people capsized. When everyone was in or beside their boats, Logan blew a long blast to start the race.

[OOC: Have fun. Don’t drown. Be sure to describe your boat/sinking if you are trying to win those prizes. Although you can “finish” the race please do not declare yourself the winner; let me do that! If you have questions about the rules that I somehow didn’t answer, I can usually be found in the chatzy. Happy sailing.]

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