Jesse Ramos with a bit of Mikey Lawrence
The Vikings are here!
Mon Feb 3, 2014 19:31

Jesse Ramos and his best friend Mikey Lawrence carried their large cardboard Viking ship into the Rec Center. Both boys wore sleeveless shirts, black pants, and viking helmets. Jesse himself had a cardboard ax strapped to his back, and a large orange beard. While Mikey had a large actually wooden oar strapped to his back, with a large blonde beard. Both boys wore wellies since they couldn’t find any real Viking boots.

Jesse Ramos smiled as he looked around the assorted groups. He had researched the boat, and the best vantage point to sink ships. Yes, Jesse and Mikey weren’t hear to race they were here to cause boats to sink! He roared when anyone got close to him. “Today we conquered all of RMI!” he cried loudly.

Jesse grinned at his best friend, when Logan blew his whistle. They put the boat in the water and Jesse climbed to the front where snake’s head was and Mikey sat near the back with his oar. In one hand Jesse has his wand, in the other he had his cardboard axe. As soon as the race started Jesse cast a whirlpool near the boat on the right side.

The boat came nearer and Jesse glared at the person. “Prepare to be boarded!” he said casting another spell that caused large waves near the person’s boat. Jesse really wasn’t going to board the boat but he did plan to put enough water in it that he was able to sink it before moving on.

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    • The Vikings are here! — Jesse Ramos with a bit of Mikey Lawrence, Mon Feb 3 19:31
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