Aukley Justesen {Lyra}
The wonders of duct tape (Tag: Cayden Bloom)
Wed Feb 12, 2014 20:05

The desire to cackle had been hard to resist, but Aukley had managed to keep it to herself as the announcement was made. Cardboard boats..! And the rules were so lax! Well, she would still try and keep herself in check, but really. This was just too exciting. She didn't have many friends, unfortunately, but luckily Cayden Bloom had been willing to work with her - it would have been a nightmare to make a boat for herself, and she wouldn't have had a clue what prize to go for except maybe a general 'whatever they'll give me'. Instead, they would be shooting for most ships sunk.
In the time following, Aukley had dedicated a lot of effort into obtaining supplies for the boat, but much of its construction had been left to Cayden while Aukley tried to make an oar to suit their purpose - the rules had said that anything would do, and she hoped that wouldn't change just because she had magical help creating and sharpening oars. They were lightweight, flexible on the blue parts with some kind of cheap metal making up the bar.
At one point, frustrated with her lack of contribution to the boat’s appearance, she had gotten onto the internet from the Cultural Studies lab and looked up duct tape projects - flowers had been one of the first things to catch her eye, although outfits were secondary - and she had taken some time and some dragon-patterned red duct tape to make fourteen of them. Twelve had been taped up around the boat and one resided in her hair; she thought she might offer the last one to Cayden, but continually forgot about it.
The day of the event was here, now, and their fabulous boat was ready. Aukley had arrived a little early, maybe, but at least she'd remembered the last flower. Looking around, Aukley took note of other teams' outfits. She had worn her dreaded green bathing suit with a pair of black exercising pants for the event, but seeing that others had dressed up in the spirit of things she kind of regretted it. Pushing that away as she spotted Cayden, she waved her friend over.

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    • The wonders of duct tape (Tag: Cayden Bloom) — Aukley Justesen {Lyra}, Wed Feb 12 20:05
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