Charline Adler
Setting sail
Fri Feb 21, 2014 14:37

When Logan had first confided in her about Savannah, Charline had been crushed. At the time she had not truly been aware of the meaning behind the sinking sensation in her stomach; but now after much reflection she thought she might be able to pinpoint its origins. Put simply: the fourth year was drawn to that which she could never obtain, to tasks they claimed she could never complete. When the world told her she could not have something then almost instantaneously, Charline knew she had to have it. It was frustrating, but sadly, she was learning it was a little too true.

Until it was in her possession she would be consumed by thoughts of it and her obsessive nature was, frankly scary to even herself. In order to put her mind at ease and vanquish all doubts of her family values (which grew increasingly more fragile each day) she had come to a hasty conclusion. This childish reaction must be the reason she found Reece Campbell so compelling. At times he was utterly insane and to top it all off a muggleborn. For someone of her background there could be no worse a match. Reece brought with him social suicide and disownment. He was unattainable and to Charline this made him twice as attractive.

Marcos York would never be of any interest to her because he would always be within her reach. There was no challenge- she already owned him. She had effortlessly tossed him aside, safe in the knowledge that were she to call, he would be compelled to come running to her side.

If the teenager was not confused enough, Savannah’s existence had only succeeded in complicating things further. It remained a fact that this muggle had managed to dig her claws dangerously close to Logan’s heart. She was a threat who had to be removed regardless of Charline’s feelings. However, recently she had begun to wonder more about them- her feelings that is. Was it possible that simply by becoming unavailable Logan had become another piece she wistfully desired for her collection?

She didn’t know which was worse:

That she should seek to possess any of them at all, as her behaviour mirrored her Maman’s in a worrying way, and this might have frightened her most. Wasn’t one romantic interest enough for a person?

Or that in reality she failed to have full ownership over either of the boys.

Whilst, she attempted to be rational in both her thoughts and actions, Charline often found herself with no real control over her behaviour. She has impulsively entered Logan’s Cardboard Regatta and only allowed herself a few moments to regret it before letting competitiveness take over. There were limited options available to her for a partner. The most obvious choice would be her brother but that would never end well. After deciding she would most likely end up sinking in a lumpy looking boat called the Hubert, supposedly meant to resemble a duck, Charline had crossed him off her list and moved swiftly on to a more appealing option. Despite some reluctance (which she was willing to ignore) on his part the Lyra had somehow managed to talk Reece into helping her figure out the science of making cardboard float.

It was a nice arrangement in Charline’s opinion and she couldn’t help but feel smug knowing that Logan’s, Savannah would not be able to take part.

In appearance, there was nothing particularly spectacular about their boat. Charline did not buy into the idea of themes and was under the impression that practicality beat fun every time. It would float and they would win. An overall glowing success. Nowhere did painted skulls and glitter fit into her game plan.

She arrived to the event barefoot, wearing a long burgundy cloak with a gold clasp which she hastily undid and handed it to a bemused looking bystander. Her swimsuit was a red and white one piece. There was no chance she was going to allow any of her robes to get wet. She had pulled her long locks into a high ponytail which swished from right to left as she made her way to the edge of the pool, where she decided to wait impatiently for Reece. Charline’s spirits were relatively high- that is until she caught sight of the S.S. Savannah. Instinctively a scowl slipped onto her face. It was an ugly vessel. A horrid smear on the otherwise pleasant water and for the sake of humanity it must drown!

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