Reece Campbell
Don't leave without me!
Sat Mar 1, 2014 06:42

To say that Reece had been apathetic towards the various SGA events this term would be an understatement. A complete mis-statement, at that. Lately he’d been living in a daze of internal musings, thoughts swirling around him like water around a drain and flushing him away to a place where nothing mattered except that he find a resolution to these thoughts. The SGA, along with most of the aspects of school life, hardly registered any more as something for him to be aware of. Had he not been already committed to Quidditch and theatre, the lanky teen was of the firm opinion that it would have been healthier for him to simply lock himself up in his dorm until he had sorted out his head properly. Unfortunately, Quidditch and theatre were two groups that had been expecting his participation for the past terms and seemed quite unlikely to let him go now - not as long as Niccolò York and Warrior Addi were in charge, at least.

It wasn’t until Charline approached him that he learned about the upcoming student event, which was apparently some kind of cardboard boat race. Personally, Reece had never actually ridden in a boat before (his family lived on the highlands near the ocean shore so he had plenty of experience swimming and fishing and otherwise splashing around, but there had never been a point to them owning a boat themselves, not that they could’ve afforded one anyways) yet he definitely still knew enough to recognize “cardboard boat” as a right oxymoron. Cardboard floated better than regular paper but it still sounded like a disaster waiting to happen, and he hadn’t felt exactly excited at the prospect of trying to boat around on it. However, Charline had asked him to be her partner, which meant that Reece had, of course, agreed to join her. It was nigh impossible for him to pass up the chance to spend more time with his crush friend crush friend (what was a crush, anyways? Weird word for it, if you asked him, and it gave him an annoyingly jittery feeling in the stomach to think about), regardless of how silly the notion of racing cardboard boats was.

And so he had found himself spending the days leading up to the race not holed up alone in his dorm, but rather meandering the halls at odd hours with odd scraps of collected cardboard in his arms, which he had taken down to throw in the Rec Centre pool and make notes on the approximate patterns and speeds at which they absorbed water. Charline had been clear that practicality was key and she wanted them to win. Reece wholly agreed. Well, maybe less on the winning front, he wasn’t feeling that competitive about it, but he had zero desire to sink in the middle of the pool and he was not about to let that happen. Some careful rationing from a sheet of corrugated cardboard had provided extra layers of flotation around the bottom and sides of their little boat, and an additional layer of duck tape had been invaluable in making sure no drops of water would get through. Last night he had constructed a pair of oars from the same cardboard-and-tape method, too, with which he was assuming that he would row while Charline sunk all the other boats, though naturally he’d offer her the chance to row too if she wanted.

Taking long strides down the hall, worn sneakers squeaking from beneath his Hulk-patterned swim trunks and the ends of his unzipped hoodie flapping aside to reveal pale skin that was, to his undeniable pride, starting to show off some semblance of muscular tone, Reece slouched into the Rec Centre and almost immediately spotted his partner waiting by the pool. “Charline!” His pace quickened towards her, some of the nervous, agitated tension that had been swarming him for these past months fading away at the sight of long blonde hair and a red-and-white bathing suit. ‘...Wow.’ Girls in bathing suits shouldn’t be an unfamiliar concept, he did have a sister back home after all and there were any number of girls around the neighbourhood, but something about seeing Charline in a bathing suit was… different. Good different, he hastily corrected himself. Mhm. “Hi.” Shaggy black hair fell into his face as he grinned at her and he shook it impatiently to the side, holding out his hands to show her his cardboard craftsmanship. “I brought the oars. You ready to win this?”

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