I wouldn't dream of it
Mon Mar 3, 2014 16:45


The familiar cry caused Charline to twirl around, a reluctant smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. All thoughts of Logan and the muggle momentarily pushed from her mind to be replaced solely by Reece. She almost followed his example and shouted out in greeting but managed to restrain herself at the last moment. It wasn’t right to appear too eager. Charline took a few steps towards him and made no real attempt to conceal her wandering eyes, as she took in his physique. Although, she wished there was a way to hide the blush rapidly making its way across her cheeks.

“Hallo, Reece.”

The greeting was quickly followed by an awkward cough. She was suddenly feeling a little seasick despite having yet to put as much as a toe near the water. Boats had never bothered her before but then she had never spent a great deal of time in one. What use did a witch have in something so mundane and more importantly- slow. Charline was all about results and using the floo, portkey or a quick side-along apparition fit the bill better than a torturous boat journey. The thought of knocking about on the water caused her nose to wrinkle. Suddenly, she remembered where she was and why.

“Ah yes. Oars. Good job,” the simple compliment slipped out unexpectedly. Charline was then overcome with a desire to thank him for all the trouble had had gone to (it was true that most of the work had been done by him). Though, she also felt immense gratitude for something deeper only she was unsure of how to go about showing him the extent. Reece hadn’t abandoned her for a battered model. There was no Savannah in his life. Or there wasn't as far as she was aware. Perhaps, he did have a lady friend back home. It wasn’t as though Charline knew that much about his life away from RMI. Charline remembered that it was not good for your health to submit to paranoia. She frowned, regardless.

“Of course. I can’t see why we wouldn’t win. Our boat is better than all the rest, thanks to your hard work,” she was confident in their chances and admitted it in a weak willed attempt to distract herself.

Wand in hand, she climbed carefully into their boat and tried to salvage her earlier excitement. A small ripple went through the pool and water sloshed up the sides of the boat. It was no use. She couldn’t stop thinking about it now. She snapped her head around to face him and proceeded bluntly, “Reece, you don’t have a girlfriend do you?”

Her tone was accusing, as if he had already admitted his betrayal.

  • Don't leave without me!Reece Campbell, Sat Mar 1 06:42
    To say that Reece had been apathetic towards the various SGA events this term would be an understatement. A complete mis-statement, at that. Lately he’d been living in a daze of internal musings,... more
    • I wouldn't dream of it — Charline, Mon Mar 3 16:45
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